What are Energy crystals and How Do They Help in Healing?

June 18, 2013

What are Energy crystals and How Do They Help in Healing?

Crystals are special types of rocks. Like any other rock, they grow at the surface of the earth. A full sized crystal takes years and centuries to develop. Crystals have always been considered and thought of as sacred and holy. They have been used since ancient times for spirituality, healing, etc. Even today, crystals are used in different fields of medicine like metaphysical healing.

energy crystals

Crystals are called energy crystals because they do indeed emit a charge. There is a definite energy discharged from crystals, which make them sacred. This energy is said to heal and transform a human soul.

There are different schools of thought regarding the level of healing a person gets by using energy crystals. If it won’t totally cure the illness, the radiations from the crystals help the mind and body to communicate better. Thus, making a person more responsive to any form of medication.

Energy crystal healing is very effective in psychological conditions. It can successfully deal with depression and anxiety. They sort of put the soul in harmony and the whole body feels relaxed and stress free.

Almost anyone can feel the power of energy crystals. We all know that human body consists of energy. Each crystal emits its own energy as well and has its own texture, color, size, and shape. These physical properties also influence the energy radiated from energy crystals.

When you use crystals for healing, the energy of the crystals blend together with your body’s energy and thus amplify the vibrations and frequencies of your body. This helps you to harmonize and reenergize at a spiritual level.

As each crystal’s energy frequency is different, it corresponds to different parts of your body. So in other words, every crystal has its own healing properties. Although there are proper methodologies of carrying out healing procedures, simply holding a crystal in your hand will also revitalize you.

There is also the need to cleanse and recharge the energy crystals from time to time. Where they emit and radiate positive energy, on the other hand energy crystals also absorb all our negative energy. So they need to be cleansed in order to be effective.

Professional therapists use the seven chakras for proper healing techniques. They place or rub the crystals on the affected chakra. The selection of the crystal is made according to the problem. Also, there is no rule of thumb to be followed. Every human is an individual and needs to be treated according to their problems.

Also, the energy crystal healing is not equally effective for everyone. People have different experiences. Some experience instant relief and relaxation while others might need a few sessions. But one thing is for sure, for the energy crystals to work and have any effect on your body, you need to believe in their power. Keeping an open and positive outlook enables you to absorb good energy better.

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