The Throat Chakra

March 10, 2015

The throat chakra is our fifth Chakra. Naturally, this chakra is located in our throat, which is where it gets it is more common name from. The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Visuddha. All chakras are represented by a color and for the throat chakra, that color is blue.

This is our communication chakra, and where we express ourselves via our beliefs, our opinions and our truths. Through our beliefs, we can influence and inspire and like everything, can be for good or, if our chakra is not balanced, then we tend to influence unduly through lies. In order for an honest and truthful existence, we must have a balanced throat chakra.

That is the throat chakra in a nutshell, but let us explore it a little deeper. What does it mean that this chakra is where we express ourselves? How do we present ourselves to others? Through communication, we speak about our beliefs and our choices through our words. When we choose to stay quiet, or to not speak out, that is a choice too.

For example, seeing an injustice and saying nothing about it was a conscious choice on your part to not say anything in a situation where you could have spoken out. We can speak out in anger, or hold back saying words that we know we will regret. We make choices constantly to speak, to not speak and always, the decision of what to say. Naturally, the more honest you are with yourself and with others, the more balanced this chakra will be. Those who lie will find this chakra is imbalanced.

The keys to our creativity, our artistic side and our self-expression are located in this chakra. Our constant search for ourselves is also housed here, as our inner voice or our spiritual voice. We also use the throat chakra for decision-making and for manifesting our will by using our voice to stand of for ourselves or to speak up for ourselves. It holds our ability to lie and to be truthful and the choice of what to do is ours alone. We store our sense of smell, taste and hearing in this chakra. Our attitude is also stored here, as well as our self-truths and our self-knowledge.

It was already mentioned that the throat chakra is located in the area of our throat. All chakras also have responsibility over specific areas of our bodies as well. For the throat chakra, it governs our throat, our trachea, our thyroid, the vertebrae of our necks, out esophagus, our hypothalamus, our mouth, parathyroid, gums, and teeth.

When not balanced, the throat chakra will cause physical problems in these areas of the bodies such as TMJ, problems with gum disease, tooth decay and other problems of the teeth, laryngitis, trouble speaking, a sore throat, ulcers of the mouth, problems with thyroid and swollen glands. We also can manifest addiction problems, tendency to be critical, deceit and an inability to make our own choices, or to be led by others too easily with this chakra. When out of balance, we can become shy, anxious, and arrogant or even look down upon others.

To balance this chakra, surround yourself with blue and blue energy. Gemstones and crystals that are good for this chakra are lapis lazuli, sodalite, blue agate, sapphire or aquamarine. You can use scents that trigger blue energy such as mint, geranium, and lemon.

Engage your artistic side and go visit an art gallery with a friend and talk about each painting to help build up your blue energy. Do something spiritual for yourself. You can sing, doodle, or draw to help bring out your blue energy as well. Also, dress in blue or wear blue accessories and place blue accents about your home.

Love and Light

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