The Stone Of Gentle Love – Rose Quartz

April 7, 2010

A gorgeous Rose Quartz Ball

Many people ask me why I love Rose Quartz so much, so I thought I would tell you all about this “Stone of Gentle Love”.

The colours of this amazing Healing Crystal can range from soft pink to golden white.  It is usually found in granular structures, grains, and masses very rarely as lovely Crystal Structures.

Working on ALL of the Chakras it emits a calming, cooling energy that gently removes negativity replacing it with the loving gentle forces of self-love (very important – as we all need to love ourselves).

The awesome Rose Quartz Healing Crystal gives us the message that there is no need to hurry in any situation, that calmness, clarity of thought is the only way to go thus bringing harmony to our emotions especially if one has been living a chaotic life or is in a crisis situation.

The Rose Quartz healing Crystal balances the Yin and Yang energy and can attune each chakra to vibrate at the correct frequency.

What I love about Rose Quartz is that it is especially helpful to the heart and crown chakras.  The Energy is soft and silky and produces gentleness from without and within the user.

An amazing Healing Crystal the Rose Quartz brings peacefulness and calm to relationships, thus earning it the nickname “The Stone of Gentle Love”, promoting receptiveness to the beauty of art, music, the written words, stimulating the imagination and emitting the feeling of a fresh warm love.

Rose Quartz Crystal Heart Large

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Rose Quartz does not stop there; this healing crystal keeps on giving! It rejuvenates both the physical body and the emotional body.

On a physical level, it can be used to clear fluids in the cells of the body thus promoting the releasing of impurities, it can help with the kidneys and adrenal glands.

It can also be used to help ease the effects of burns and blistering due to heat.  If placed on the Thymus area it can help with coughs as well as the bronchial and lung area of the body.  Plus because it works so well on Heart Chakra area, it also helps with the proper functioning of the heart.

But it does not stop there!  Made into a Gem (Crystal) Elixir, it helps to clear the skin, reduce wrinkles and give a much softer complexion.

Now onto the Emotional Level, what can one say accept AMAZING!

Rose Quartz is the Healing crystal to use for stress relief and healing current and old emotional wounds, as it works so well with upper 4 Chakras, The Heart, The Throat, the Brow and The Crown.

It vibrates with the number 7, and Astrological Signs of Libra and Taurus.

No wonder I love this Healing Crystal.

Love and Light

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