The Power of Candles and Crystals

May 6, 2010

Ask me to write a list of things I use every day, the list would long however, on it will be Candles and Crystals!

For thousands of years man has been using candles for therapy. Plus
candle use has been practiced by nearly every religion.

Candle therapy unites the power of mind, body, and spirit.

From ancient times to the present, candles appear to have shone         their light through every transition from celebrations and                   ceremonies to proclamations and processions!

I believe the candle’s flame has always been a “metaphor” for the


Well, if you really sit and study the flame I find It possesses a  tranquil and almost hypnotic atmosphere to those who allow its power to  take them to an extremely special place..   I think it burns as a reminder and symbol of our desires because sometimes we feel we have to hand our dreams over to a force more powerful than us because we feel small and insignificant                                           .

Many meditation groups place candles and selected cleansed and programmed crystals in the center of the group.  By programming

Always light a candle in honour of your meditation

thecrystals, for specifics chosen by the group ensure that the entire group is of the same intent. The Crystals allow one to reach higher spiritual levels during the meditation. The crystal magnifies one’s personal energy by aligningand connecting with universal power. The candle can center and align by concentrating on it’s flame.

Used together, these two enlightening tools make for a great
combination in any kind of energy work.  I am a qualified Reiki practitioner when I used to practice I combined candles, crystals and burn essential oils when working on others.

So how do you use Candles and Crystals together during a meditation session either alone or in a group?


For a Group: place the candle and the programmed crystals in the centre of the group and focus your thoughts on the candle or get each group member to hold a crystal in their hands and focus on the flame.  I would try both ways and see which way really resonates with the group.

Alone:  Hold the programmed crystal in your hand and focus on the candle flame.


Remember, you are an extremely beautiful and loving spiritual being.  After the meditation please give thanks to the crystals, the candles and all our unseen friends.

Love and Light

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