The How To of Making Gem (Crystal) Elixirs

April 3, 2012

I believe Everyone falls in love with Gemstones from the Mineral Kingdom.

They have such wonderful metaphysical properties that can help us in all ways.

I very much believe in Vibrational medicine and regularly use Flower Essences and Crystal Elixirs in conjunction with my other practices.

Making Crystal Elixirs is very easy and well worth doing with powerful results.

Most crystals can be used to make powerful elixirs.

So what is a Crystal Elixir?

It is a preparation of mineral water infused with the energies of the crystal with which it is fortified.

Before preparation of the Crystal Elixir, I choose my crystal and then consciously program the crystal to facilitate enhanced transfer of the energies desired, For Example a “winter tonic” for daily use, or de-stress, no more aches and pains.  What-ever you desire.

Without programming all the energies would be transmitted but with no specific direction for them.

You may also use several programmed crystals to make a “Multi” Crystal Elixir.

Another thing you can do and I do often is to Infuse Carrier Oils used for Massage with programmed Crystals, thus creating a very powerful blend when Essential Oils are added.

So now for the instructions on “How” –

You require; your selected cleansed and programmed Crystal/s, Mineral water or distilled water, a glass Jar or glass bowl.  How big? Depends on the size of your crystal/s.

NO METAL BOWLS OR LIDS PLEASE – this is very important.

The Crystal/s are then placed in the water within the glass jar or bowl. You place it outside a full 24 hours so it captures the sun during this time.  To make your Elixir even more powerful is to make batches when you know the moon if full.  So you would leave each batch a full 24 hours, capturing the sun and the moon energies.

Once a full 24 hours is up you then take the Crystals out and bottle the elixir, it can then be consumed as you wish.  I drink this like I would water, or add it fruit jellies when I make them.

An Alternative Method is to place the water in a large glass bowl and the Crystal in a Glass and add then add it to the water.  This method can stop the water being contaminated by anything in or on the crystal.

The lesson below will teach you how to make an Enhanced “Mother Elixir” a little more involved, but well worth doing and powerful beyond measure!

It involves the following:

Place the crystal or crystals (You can make a Powerful Elixir using several crystals) of your choice in a CLEAN glass container with distilled water (use no other water please). Making sure it is the day of either the Full Moon or New Moon place the container outside in the sun (cover with a glass top).

Leave for a full 7 days to allow for the complete energy transfer.  Once this time has elapsed you then bring the container inside and place it in a very dark cupboard for another 7 days, with the crystal or crystals of which the gem elixir is being prepared surrounding and pointing towards the centre of the elixir.  You must use 7 crystals.

Note: If you haven’t 7 of the same crystals, substitute with Quartz Crystals.

After this process (14 days = 7 outside, 7 in a dark cupboard) mix in

one once of good quality brandy.  This stabilizes and maintains the frequencies of the energies contained in the elixir.

This mother Elixir should be stored in a Dark brown bottle in a Dark cool location.

Consumption: 2-3 drops under the tongue twice daily.

I have made Gem (Crystal) Elixirs and “Mother” Elixirs for a long time and learnt how to do this by attending a fabulous workshop in 1995 (Yes, I still have my notes), so that says how many years ago!  (Gulp, where has all the time gone!)

During the month, please try making a batch of Elixir.  It is fun; if you have children, let them help.  The results are a powerful energetic way to help keep healthy, relieve stress or whatever you programmed the crystal for!

That is all I have for you today on Making Gem (Crystal) Elixirs – please let me know how you go.

Love and Light


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