The Heart Chakra

March 4, 2015

If you think of the heart, what do you think of? Your first thought is probably of love. Most people associate love or all things associated with love with the heart. We consider all things about love to be matters of the heart.

It will not be a great surprise to find out that the fourth of seven chakras, the heart chakra, is also considered to where all matters of the heart dwell; it is where our ability to love stems from. All things that require love are stored in the heart chakra, from our ability to love and connect with other, and ourselves, to the ability to love unconditionally and to be compassionate.

The heart chakra is the heart and soul of our ability to love and to feel compassion but it also is where our dependency upon others can come from, and how vulnerable and anxious matters of the heart can make us. While love can be wonderful, it can also make us vulnerable and anybody who has had an imbalance in their heart chakra can attest to this.

As you could probably guess, the heart chakra is located in the vicinity of your heart. All chakras have an associated color and the heart chakra is represented by the color green. Ahahata is the Sanskrit name for this chakra.

Every chakra governs a different area of the body. Our heart chakra is responsible for our hands, arms and shoulders, our esophagus, our circulatory system and our heart, our lungs, our diaphragm, rib cage, breasts and our thymus.

Our relationships are governed by this chakra, it has unlimited capabilities to give and to receive, and to love and connect emotionally. We become empowered emotionally through this chakra. When it is balanced we feel generous, compassionate, hopeful, and confident and it gives us inspiration and love. Through this chakra we are able to trust, to love and to forgive.

Have you heard of the phrase love hurts? When the heart chakra is not balanced, and it is easily upset due to emotional upsets such as death of a loved one, divorce, being cheated on or being emotionally abused by one that you love, all of these can trigger physical problems as well as emotional trauma. Balancing your heart chakra involves self-love, loving who you are in order for others to be able to love you as well.

When this chakra is not balanced we can feel angry, jealous, envy, despair and fear. Physical manifestations of the heart chakra being unbalanced are problems with the shoulders, the upper back, asthma, heart conditions and cancers of the breast and lung.

Those who sabotage their own relationships often suffer from having this chakra not be balanced. They must learn to trust, be compassionate and to love themselves and others. What can be done to bring balance to the fourth chakra?

Because green is the color of the heart chakra, surround yourself with things that give off green energy. Wear green and add green accents in your house. Plants, both indoor and outdoor offer plenty of green energy that can help balance your heart chakra. Spend time outside, enjoying nature, and soak up the green energy from the grass and the trees.

Do something for yourself or for somebody special to you. Something that will put you on the path of healing; so treat yourself to one of your favorite indulgences or go on a date and make it romantic, recapturing the romance with that special someone.

Gemstones and crystals help promote balance to the chakras and for the fourth chakra you want to wear emerald, peridotite and malachite. You can use aromatherapy as well, with the scents of California wild rose, holly, pine, eucalyptus and poppy.

I send you love and light

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