The Healing Power of the Crystals

June 4, 2013

Nowadays everyone is becoming the victim of stress and depression. And the lookout for new ways and techniques to relieve stress has been on the list of many people. Some newly discovered ways have been quite useful but there are some techniques, which have been used for many years and are proven to relax and heal you wonderfully.

Healing Crystals

One of these methods is crystal healing. It maybe a long forgotten art but over the years people are using this no-medicine technique that uses different stones and crystals to heal the body. Different cultures practice this crystal healing to this day with firm belief that this method heals better than any other method.

Crystal healing has thus, made crystal stores very popular around the world. You can find many crystal stores in your local area or online.


When you visit a crystal store, the healer or the practitioner takes the specific crystals needed and lay them on different parts of the body. These crystals are often placed in a way so they may correspond with the chakras (centers of life force and vital energy) and build energy, which would help the client heal.

Some of the healers reveal that the colors of the stones are chosen according to the area of the chakras. Different areas may require different stones for different kinds of “energy-grids” to be built. Different crystals are said to possess different levels of energy, and bring out different effects. Consult the person in the crystal store or look up online to see which crystal is the right one for you.

Besides simple stones, crystal wands are used in the healing process. They are placed near the client’s body, or near the ‘blocked’ chakra.


Every crystal has its own power and this power can be found in their structure. The crystals, as they are the deepest parts of the earth, are said to be conductors of energy. They can receive the energy or transmit it from the body.

Crystals cannot only alleviate stress but also enhance creativity and cure different diseases. They are also known to raise levels of consciousness and enhance psychic powers and give you intuitive insight. Some also say that these stones transform the spirit and guard you against negative vibes and auras, and smooth the energy flows of spirit and body.


Some theorists have also claimed that the powers of these stones are outside the experimental boundaries of science. These stones and crystals are believed to have magical auras and vibrations which are not testable through the fundamentals of science.

In spite of that, scientists have been working on the fact that these crystals do not have any mystical powers. They say that you can’t dangle a crystal around your neck and say it raises energy levels and uplifts the spirit.

For example, a clear quartz crystal is said to be one of the most sacred stones of ancient cultures. The belief is that quartz contains a slight power which is unknown to science.

Crystals have been used to cut a newborn’s cord. They are also often buried with the dead and used in many rituals. Egyptians used them in pyramids to attract power and are taken as sacred objects in Tibetan culture. Many cultures also carry them in pouches or around necks for protection from negativity.

Many crystal stores are found around the world, which can help you find the right crystals. You can use them for overcoming your anxieties, meditation or a simple healing process.

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