The Crown Chakra

March 19, 2015

Our seventh chakra is the crown chakra. This chakra is located at the crown of our heads, hence the name crown chakra. In Sanskrit, this chakra is called Sahasrara. The crown chakra, being at the top of our heads, is how we communicate spiritually. This chakra is the avenue that the universe uses to channel energy into us through and this energy enters us through the crown chakra and then flows downward into our other six chakras.

This is avenue for spiritual communication. We receive and connect with the universe through this chakra and it is where our spiritual awakening happens. We reach our potential through our crown chakra, this is enlightenment, and awakening that happens as we age. The Lotus flower is often used as an analogy, or even as a symbol, to this chakra, because much as the lotus flower blooms slowly, we open up slowly as we gain enlightenment in our own lives.

The colors associated with the crown chakra are white and violet. As discussed, its purpose is your spirituality but it also is what allows you to live in the present. Many people are stuck dwelling on the past and that can be indicative of an unbalanced crown chakra. Your spirituality and indeed, your place in the universe are all held in your crown chakra. We see the big picture, and our place in it, thanks to this chakra. It also holds our ethics, our inspirations, our values, our devotions, our ability to trust, and our ability to be altruistic towards others.

Part of spirituality is getting past a life based on material goods to find your purpose and place in life. We use this chakra to guide our inner self into the right direction and to find direction for ourselves in the world. We use the energy of the universe to help guide us as it flows through all chakras, empowering them and giving us better awareness. We store information inside all of our chakras. For this chakra, we store our emotions of fear, anger and joy as well as our magnetism and our controlling patterns.

The crown chakra governs the top of our head, above our ears. When out of balance or blocked, it can cause physical and mental problems. It can cause sensitivity to environmental factors, sensitivity to sound and light, exhaustion that is not linked to any physical ailment, problems with the muscular system, the skin and the skeleton. When this chakra is not balanced you will feel like you have lost your identity or feel unsure about your purpose and the meaning of life. You can also turn moody, forgetful and even frustrated at small things that normally would not bother you.

To balance this chakra, use the colors of violet and white. Wear these colors or accessories with things that are violet and white. Make sure to add household decorations and accent items throughout your house that are violet and white. Crystals and gemstones help balance out chakras and for this chakra; you should wear diamonds, quartz, and moldavite. If you use scents

To balance this chakra, use lotus, star tulip, lavender, jasmine, and angelica. Silence is a good way to balance out white energy, so turn off your cell phone, tablet, TV and computer and just sit and enjoy the silence. Meditation and yoga are also good ways to balance this chakra.

Love and Light

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