The Brow Chakra

March 14, 2015

Our sixth chakra is the brow chakra, also known as the third eye. The location of this chakra our foreheads, centered in the The Sanskrit name for this Chakra is Anja and the associated color is purple or indigo. It links our unconscious to oumiddle and between our eyes, which is why it is referred to as the third eye chakra.r conscious. It is the center of our intellect, our mental clarity and abilities, and our wisdom.

Our third eye is linked to our mind, for our ability to see with our eyes as well as with our sixth sense. We can tell real apart from what is unreal with this chakra and those that have trouble telling fantasy apart from what is really occurring can look towards this chakra for the solution. The purpose of this chakra is to provide us with understanding, of ourselves and of the word around us, allows us to have an open mind, to detach from our emotions when needed and to keep us grounded in reality.

We can thank our Brow Chakra for our ability to rely on and use our intuition. A finely tuned intuition is due to our brow chakra being open and balanced. We use this chakra to observe and these observations are the basis of our sixth sense, which is also our intuition. Our past and our future are linked to this chakra as well and through it, we can receive messages from the past and the future, if the chakra is open and balanced. A chakra that is unbalanced will block these messages from going through, as well as hindering our ability to observe and to use our sixth sense reliably.

Light is the element associated with the brow chakra. In addition to being able to tell what is real from what is fantasy, we also use this charka to balance out our emotion with logic. In order to tell what is real from what is not, one must be able to detach themselves from their emotions slightly in order to approach things logically. A balance between a purely emotional observation and reaction and a purely logical one is made with this chakra. If you find it difficult to balance out your logical thinking from your emotional thinking, you need to balance this chakra.

Our third eye chakra, like all chakras, is responsible for certain areas of the body. For this chakra, it governs our pineal gland, our pituitary gland, our nose, ears, eyes and brain as well as our neurological system.

When this chakra is blocked or out of balance, it can cause physical problems. Physical problems associated with this chakra are learning disabilities, panic attacks and anxiety attacks, depression, deafness, blindness, seizures, brain tumors, strokes and problems with the spine.

While this chakra is responsible for our emotional intelligence and our ability to evaluate and judge, it can, when blocked, cause us to be fearful of the truth and confused what is real and what is not. Ignorance is bliss for those who have trouble with this chakra; they would rather live in ignorance that learn the truth.

When this chakra is balanced, we have mental clarity and excellent mental capacity. We can focus, think clearly and obverse the world around us while keeping our logic and emotion in check and our intuition is working well. When unbalanced, it makes us tired and insomnia is common. There is a big inability to focus and a tendency to daydream. We are unable to decide things for ourselves, we stop listening to others and it is possible to feel disconnected from reality; some people suffer from hallucinations and retreat into a fantasy world that seems real to them.

To balance this chakra, wear purple or indigo clothing or accessories and use purple and indigo in your home. You can use crystals and gemstones to balance this chakra such as tanzanite, lapis, tourmaline, fluorite, and amethyst. If you want to use scents to balance this chakra, use myrrh, Queen Anne ’s lace, and patchouli.

Activities to help this chakra include daily meditation and listening to meditation music or classical music, both help increase the energy flow for this chakra.

Love and Light

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