Tektite – The Stone To Gain Knowledge And Abundance

October 12, 2010

Hope your month has been a fantastic one.  I know mine certainly has – with the wonderful numbers this month has produced it has been a very energetic month!

Today I would like to tell you about the Tektite, one AMAZING Crystal!

Apparently this stone is found within a narrow equatorial belt
they have been found in Thailand, Australia, Vietnam
and the Philippines. Usually having a heavily pitted surface Tektites
have the appearance of being stretched while in a molten state.
Mainly appearing  black, but when held up to the light, you can
see a golden tint in areas around the edges.


A Tektite is created from meteoric impact with the earth where heat is so intense that both the meteorite and the earth’s surface melt on impact.

So when you get your Tektite you are getting a mixture of space and earth
material together, making for one exciting crystal

So Maggie you are saying, what does this do?

This amazing crystal is reputed to Tektite assists one in attaining knowledge, abundance.

It also  Balances the  Ying and Yang (feminine/masculine) provides insight, plus strengthens one’s
energy field.

It can also stimulate thought transmissions so excellent for meditation and mental communication,

Tektite also promotes deep insight into ourselves and helps us to grow spiritually.

Use your Tektite Crystal s used on all Your Chakra points as it balances each area in a different way and
brings about the best from each energy center

To cleanse, just run under water and then place on Quartz Cluster overnight.  If it is full moon, leave the Quartz Cluster with the Tektite on it outside in the moonlight.

I wish you a fantastic month to come, where your meditations are deep and meaningful, your wisdom increases and you have lots of love and laughter.

Until Next time,

Love and Light

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