Crystal Healing Jewellery

Wearing Crystal Jewellery is a powerful way to balance and support your energy. Worn close to or touching the body, the energy of the Healing Crystal merges with your Aura, and keeps you in balance both physically and emotionally all day.

I love my crystal jewellery and always have a piece on.  It is a ritual with me, shower, dress, make-up hair, jewellery.

I get a lot of my crystal jewellery from Crystal Age.  Just click on one of the pictures above and they will take you to the store.

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I also wear Celtic Crosses  with crystals embedded and have several all a little different, the history of them is amazing I have written a tiny bit here for you to enjoy, it will only make wearing them more magical.

Celtic Crosses The Celtic cross with its circle is probably one of the most widely recognised of all Celtic symbols, originally large stone crosses, known as a cross-slab emerged across Ireland, Scotland and other Celtic lands from the 9th century. The circle is often described as a halo or an eternity symbol and its four arms for symbolising the four elements, mind, body, soul and heart.

Why not treat yourself or someone close to you – Now! You can find a good range of Celtic crosses here

We have brought the store to you once again to make it easy, so you closely check out all the fabulous items available!

Just click onto any of the images in this post, and you will be taken to a huge store that will fill you with awe and wonderment, and designs that that will make even your closest friend green with envy, when they see you wearing them.