Simple Meditation to De-stress and Relax

November 14, 2012

Always light a candle in honour of your meditation

Hi everyone,

Often I am asked Maggie what is a simple meditation I can do, in around 15 minutes or at work when I feel stressed…….

This is a very simple, quick and easy meditation that can be done at work, at home or anywhere you can Find a location that’s quiet and where you know you won’t be bothered. You are looking for fifteen minutes of undisturbed meditation here. Turn off all telephones and anything else that could become a distraction.

Now, sit comfortably and quietly. Keep your back in position with your spine vertically aligned. Remember that posture is something that you need to make happen.

Commit to what you are doing right now. That means not allowing distraction to play a role now. Commit to not being interrupted by anything happening in the world around you. Most importantly, remove anything from the room or from your line of view that could be a potential distraction. Commit to performing meditation.

Select a word that fits into your natural belief system. For example, use “love” “peace” or others.

If you are religious, select a work of a short phrase that signifies what you believe. “Hallelujah” or “Om” make good choices. Close your eyes once you’ve selected the right word. Closing your eyes helps you to enter into relaxation.

Now, we’ll go through the body and relax each of the muscles in it. Start with your toes. Consciously think to yourself that your toes should relax and feel them relax. Next, move to your feet, your legs and so on. You want to allow each of your muscles to relax. Make sure to include your neck, your jaw, your pelvis, back, your arms, fingers and hands, and shoulders. As this happens, feel the tension leave your body.

Continue to breathe through the process in deep, long breathes and repeat your mediation word over and over again. Breathe in, say your word, breathe out, and repeat. You don’t need to say the word out loud, but rather mentally pronounce it.

If any thoughts come into your mind while you are sitting, relaxing, let them go out simply by telling yourself “oh well.” Most people will have trouble with this at first, so don’t worry about how well you are doing. Just let go of those words the best that you can. Keep repeating your meditation word, too.

Keep this going for fifteen minutes at least. Don’t use any alarm to warn you, just open your eyes for a moment to check.
Sit and relax for several minutes once you’ve come out of your meditation.

Keep your eyes closed for a couple of minutes before opening them. Don’t stand up just yet. Allow yourself time to come back into reality before doing so.

You should try to do this simple meditation at least once a day but two or more times per day really can have a positive effect on your daily stresses.

Many people find that this simple meditation works well before they get their day started, when they are fully rested and before they have eaten breakfast.

Remember, You need to focus on relaxation not on whether or not meditation is going to heal all of you.

Until Next time,

Love and Light

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