New Age Sprituality

New Age Sprituality

Spirituality for the new age (& The New Revelation)

The New Revelation by Sir A.Conan Doyle

The New Revelation by Sir A.Conan Doyle

Spirituality and New Age Special Report with FREE BONUS “The New Revelation” a Factual Book (50 Riveting Pages) on Spiritualism by Arthur Conan Doyle (1918) is extremely popular!

Spirituality and New Age are gone into in some depth leaving the reader more aware and open.

“The New Revelation” is a KNOCK OUT! This is one book that anyone who is interested in Spiritualism should read. Yes, it was written in 1918 but when you read every riveting word, you will realize just how much research by individuals was happening back then. This is not a fiction book this is fact!

Oh by the way, even way back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, they were calling it “New Age”.

This is a MUST READ!

Price $5.99

Just, Ahhhh: Benefits of Massage

Just, Ahhhh: Benefits of Massage

Just Ahhh… … The Powerful Benefits of Massage (For that Inner Glow)

This Special Report is POWER PACKED.

This is a one that everyone should have on his or her bookshelf.

It covers,

The History of Massage, Why Massage is so good for you, Gives Explanations of 6 different kinds of Massage

Plus… …

Gives FULL Instructions and Diagrams of How to Give a Facial Massage.

Along with Full Instructions on Facial Massage are explanations of how each
differing movement stimulates various organs of the body.

*** If you or any of your family or friends suffers from Nasal Congestion,
Nasal Drip or Sinus learning how to do this Facial Massage is a Must

Price $5.99

Our Aura Is?

Our Aura Is?

Our Aura Is –

Revealed inside this MUST HAVE Special eBook report: –

  • What exactly is an Aura? What does it mean for you? “Must have” vital information for your understanding contained within.
  • What Exactly do the Aura Colors Mean? Knowing this will help you read Auras
  • How many Aura Layers Do we Have? What are they called and what do they mean? This is vital information that will help you understand yourself more.
  • The one closely guarded secret that “Insiders” use to protect their energy field daily, that if used by you will have you bouncing off the walls with energy and the envy of your family and friends.
  • How to Arouse, Replenish and Vitalize “You” and your energy field so you are always on top of your game.

Plus lots more including some very old pictures depicting our Aura.

This is one Ebook that will not disappoint.


Holistic Alternative Healing

Holistic Alternative Healing

What For, How To Holistic Alternative Healing is one of our Top Selling eBooks.

A Priceless Treasure with Superior Content that empowers you with alternative paths to good health.

Power Packed the table of contents is listed below:

Aromatherapy Introduction, Essential Oils by Properties Guide, Carrier Oils, Massage Blending, Compresses, Inhalation, Bathing, Foot-baths, Basic Skin Care Collection, Vaporization (Using your Oil Burner), Vaporization Recipes, Mystical/Spiritual Side,Your Chakra’s, Essential Oils Chakra Chart,Meditation and Essential Oils, Rainbow Meditation, Magic ~ Magic From Aromatherapy, Essential Oils List, Aromatherapy by Symptoms Guide,Crystal Introduction, Cleansing Crystals, Handy Hints for other Crystal Uses, Crystals Chakra Chart, Crystals and their Metaphysical Uses.

Don’t Miss out! This eBook will NEVER go out of date –
It is a book that gives day after day, year after year

Price $5.99

Package 1


Chakra Chart – Explains what each Chakra Governs. A Must for anyone on their quest for good health and to further their Spiritual Awareness


Healing Crystal Metaphysical Properties Chart – with colour pictures of each Healing Crystal. A Quick, Simple Easy reference of 29 Healing Crystals! A Must for anyone to make the most from each of precious Healing Stone!


Essential Oils Uses Guide – Covering 43 Essential Oils. A Quick, Easy, Effective Guide. Also has the metaphysical uses of each oil plus any precautions as regards usage i.e. pregnancy, etc. A Great Tool!

The Story of Essential Oils

Essential Oil The Story – This is one Fabulous eBook. 16 POWER PACKED Pages including information on Carrier Oils, Ratio’s for blending, Oil Burner Recipes plus tips on other uses. Great Alternative Healing Methods!

Special Offer

Get Package 1 for only $9.95

It’s All Yours!

As you can see this is a Great Package.

– By investing in this package means you will be able to use and tie in all the information on this site resulting in well-being beyond your wildest dreams.

Not only that It won’t cost you an arm or a leg.

The whole complete packed in YOURS for a small investment of $9.95 USD.

Meditation Techniques

Beginner's Guide to Meditation

Meditation Techniques

This is one fabulous, fabulous book that will prepare you for meditation and take you into a world that far too many people don’t realize exists.

It will teach you the processes and once you learn these you will jump with joy at the benefits you receive.

You will be enabled to smooth out the rough edges of your busy days, find that place of stillness, that total quiet within, the quiet that allows you shut out the hustle and bustle of your life, obtain inner contentment and just BE.

Available Now for download into your computer for just $5.99

Healing Audio Adrenalin Meditation

Accelerated Healing

Create good health as you sit relaxed in a water fall of sunlight and crystal water.

Your body, mind and spirit will be healed creating nothing but balance and harmony.

All your tensions will be gone, giving way to easiness, calm, stillness and a sense of inner tranquility.

Download into your computer NOW and Take control of your Health and Healing for only $7.00

Audio Adrenalin Meditation - High Power

Be one with your Higher Power

Become totally relaxed bathed in the glow of sunlight as you achieve oneness with the spirit of the higher power of your belief.

Your Serenity feels just right, you are calm, you achieve the stillness you have always been longing for, you feed your soul.  You look with awe and wonder at the power of creation and your oneness with it.

Download into your computer NOW and Become one with Your Higher Power for only $7.00

Audio Adrenalin Meditation - Potential

Unleash Your Hidden Potential

Become more successfull and get more of what you want in your life, by becoming one with your full potential and unleashing it.

You will become clear headed, clear-sighted, able to overcome obstacles, and achieve personal transformation by attuning to your inner guidance.  Tensions will be gone, leaving balance, harmony and an inner knowingness like never before.

Download into your computer NOW and Unleash your Hidden Potential for only $7.00

Audio Adrenalin Meditation - Quiet Mind

Quiet the Mind

Mind Chatter is draining, often not allowing us to relax and recuperate after a long hard day, even stopping sleep.

Quiet Your Mind, and stop that constant chatter by allowing your mind to let go and clear in a safe and unhurried place.  Calm your emotions, create  inner tranquillity, un-knot your nerves, and let go of the stresses that pound you into the ground each day.

Your body mind and spirit will be healed, allowing that place of complete and utter stillness to wash over you; you will rejoice at the peace and just BE.

Download into your computer NOW and Quiet Your Mind and just BE for only $7.00

Audio Adrenalin Meditation - Serenity


Find the serenity and peace you ache for in the most beautiful place you have ever been to.

Your mind hushes, you let go of all the stresses throughout your life, and you find peace, total peace washing over you.  Your soul is soothed, your body achieves total relaxation, you feel safe, secure, and serene, you achieve stillness, you just BE.

Download into your computer NOW achieve Serenity for only $7.00

The Bucket List

The Bucket List

What do you really want in life, do you know?

Have you thought about how you want the next 10, 15 or 20 years to look like or are you to afraid to do so?

May be you do know, but feel you will never achieve these dreams, if so then The Bucket List is for you.

The Bucket List will help you work out what you really want in life and how to achieve these dream, leaving you with a sense of refinement, feeling good about yourself, with an inner contentment that you know your life will play out as you desire it to.

Download to your computer NOW The Bucket List so you can achieve the life you want, not the life you have to have for only $2.99