Natural Cures

May 3, 2013

I’ve just written a short book. Well you might say “so what”?

The thing is there is no new information in it, that’s correct, nothing new, so, what’s the point in that you may ask?  Well….

This book is jam packed with old information, Quality information, stuff that most of us either have forgotten or never knew about in the first place.

It’s called “NATURAL CURES”.

Have you ever wondered how the Australian Aborigines managed to survive and flourish for (some say) up to 60,000 years? What about the American Red Indians? I could continue with this list, but I suspect that you may have got the message.

All ancient civilizations obtained not only their food, but also their medicines naturally, from the land. They spent a great deal of time observing the effects and the value to be found in and on their environment. This information was dutifully passed on to the succeeding generations, and a wealth of knowledge is accumulated.

Natural cures is a book which reflects these criteria and focuses on the multitude of benefits available from the use of Essential Oils. Or put another way, harnessing the power to be found in the plant world.

By now some of you may be saying, oh no! I just can’t get my head around all that stuff, it’s too technical.

Not if you use this book. Like you I sometimes look at a book on this subject, and boy are some of them are thick and very wordy, and I feel that they may have been written without the reader in mind.

Natural cures is definitely not in this category. It has very simple and easy to follow recipes, clearly written, and the best way to apply them, often by the use of different methods such as Blending, vaporizing, massage, and sometimes using 1or 2 drops on a tissue to do the trick.

A few of the many ailments which are addressed are-

Relaxation and Stress

Essential Oils for Moods and Feelings


P.M.S. and Painful Menstruation


Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain


Another great thing about using the Natural Cures book is you don’t have to spend an arm or a leg to get started. With The Essential Oil Recipes, Just pick an issue that you would like to address, purchase only what is recommended, and get into it. It’s as easy as that!

A very important point, which must be made here, Essential oils, cannot be used for all problems, they are not “dangerous goods” but some caution must be exercised. But guess what? Yep, I have got that covered also.

Every individual oil is fully but simply described, and come with any known contra-indications and the safe use is clearly stated. The same cannot be said about some prescription drugs. I am told that around 100,000 Americans died last year as a result of taking prescription medicine, which was supervised by a doctor. (Check Google for more information)

So, does this mean that the uses of natural products are better and safer than that which can be obtained from a pharmacy?  The facts seem to suggest that the many millions of people who only had “natural remedies available to them seemed to have faired very well over thousands of years.

Can the same be said about this generation – Has our overall level of wellness deteriorated? I will let you be the judge.

A link to my book is below – and no it doesn’t cost a fortune, it is only $3.07.  Why? Because I have priced it so all of you can take advantage of the great information inside. Plus I have added links to some essential oils.

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