Miraculous Healing Stones

May 4, 2013

Magical stones can help you heal? Isn’t it amazingly funny? The idea that there are healing stones, which can heal may sound ridiculous to some who has yet to experience their power. There was a time when I also didn’t believe on these stone-powers and used to laugh at it if any one suggested me some stone that could make my health better. But I am a firm believer now.

Healing stones - healing crystals

Lots of stones are employed for healing purposes now. Few of the magical crystals and their magical powers are stated below:

Rose quartz:

This gemstone has a median power. It is usually employed to treat heart diseases and it also purifies emotions. It is called as “love stone” based on its healing properties. It is usually placed in the pocket or worn on the chest to provide maximum effectiveness.


It is a yellow healing stone that is usually employed to manifest your aims and goals. It may also be termed as a “feel good” crystal. It immediately invokes in you the feeling of confidence, energy, enthusiasm and positivity. Amazingly, it can enhance your influx of cash. Owing to its magical properties, it can be good to
you and your business.

Obsidian snowflake:

This particular crystal invokes in you the feeling of positivity and lets you get rid of your negativity. It actually reflects your thoughts and makes you realize your negative feelings and instill in you energy to change them. It is believed to affect the skin and improve circulation.


It is a blue or green striated stone that is usually a high vibration stone. It is employed effectively for meditation purposes as it instantaneously brings tranquility. It improves mental process enhancing logical reasoning and thought pattern.


It is also termed as a teaching stone as it can help you learn lessons through dreams, visions or meditation. It is believed to protect you from pollutants in the air and outer influences. Also it has soothing and calming effect on you when addressing in public. Wearing it can hep stabilize moods.


This is a highly spiritual stone that helps in spiritual awareness and aids in creative thinking. It also protects against psychic attacks and is believed to reduce nightmares effectively. It is believed to relieve stress, headache, pain and addictive states.


It is believed to achieve emotional balance and promote wisdom, affection, courage , justice and love. It is also a stone that helps acquire peace of mind, relieve negativity from your mindand attract love and affection.


This amazing stone helps cure blood related problems and improvecirculation. Also it is believed to be effective for fractures and leg cramps. Effective as grounding stone, it helps you step firmly on the ground.


This highly prized stone helps your higher mental processes to work properly and helps you obtain clarity and objectivity. It also has calming effect on the body and relieves it from stress. It enhances spirituality and self-knowledge.

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