Miracles of Chakra healing

April 24, 2013

The Chakra system is our body’s own energy system. When we feel content and are free from illness, the seven Chakra points spin around in circles. The seven Chakras in our body are situated from the root of our spine and travelling upwards towards the top of our heads. Every Chakra point represents different stages of life, creativity, health, survival, love, etc. Each Chakra point has its own task and information about the body.

Chakra HealingHowever, there are times when the smooth rotations of the Chakras are disrupted. This may be due to the energies emitted through fear, loss, anger etc. in such a case, chakra healing is put to use. Chakra healing is a healing process in which the chakras are aligned together so that they can once again communicate in harmony. This is done by draining the person’s negative energy out.

There are chakra charts that have been designed to help out in the chakra healing process. These chakra charts are detailed and color coded according to each chakra. They simply define what physical and physiological aspect of the body each chakra is responsible for. When we feel that we are experiencing some discomfort in a particular part of our body, then we can refer to the chakra charts and find out what chakra point to heal in order to feel relaxed.

The process of chakra healing is a simple meditation process that requires your complete attention. Each chakra point should be given a minimum of 5 minutes of healing time.

First, completely relax your body and find a quiet soothing place to meditate. Next, you need to close your eyes and locate where the tension is coming from. You have to take a long breath through the nose and try to steer the air towards the problem area. You should think that the air you are breathing is the healing air and will eliminate all negative energy when exhaled.

Now you take a deep breath and taking each chakra point at a time, you guide the air towards it. At the root chakra, you should visualize its deep dark red color and feel its warmth and light all around. Each breath you take intensifies that energy. Then exhale all the dark impure air from that chakra. You should repeat this process with each chakra.

The chakra charts will help you a lot in visualizing the colors of each chakra during the chakra healing. You can select any hue of the color of a particular chakra and visualize it to get deeper and deeper after each breath.

This way all the chakras are aligned and the negative energy is completely removed from the body. Chakra healing creates balance and harmony between all the seven chakras. It helps them communicate together. The end result is that you feel content, relaxed and full of energy.

You can find a very good range of resources to learn chakra healing with chakra charts here

I wish you Love and Light!

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