Meditation Tips for Beginners

March 13, 2013

If you are looking for a peaceful state of mind, clarity of emotions and looking to enhance your ability to concentrate, then meditation is one of the solutions to all your problems. If you are just beginning to learn something about meditation, there are many techniques and tips for beginners, which will help you for sure. These techniques are easy, inexpensive and not very time consuming.

Meditation tips

So, before you start meditating yourself, the first and most important thing is to look around for a comfortable and quite place where you can meditate yourself. Earlier, meditating experts gave great importance to the way you sat. However, nowadays more focus is on your comfort, whether you are sitting on a chair or a couch or in an upright position or even lying down. You just need to be comfortable and relaxed.

Among many different mediation techniques some of the easiest techniques for the beginners are,

  1. Breath Meditation: it is among the simplest techniques of meditation which is also known as Pranayama. You are required to close your eyes and completely focus on your breathing. At the beginning, you might lose your attention from your breath. Focusing on your inhaling and exhaling will help you stay calm and will help you to clear your mind from negative thoughts and excessive worries. At the beginning, you can exercise this technique for almost 5 to 10 minutes a day and then you can gradually increase it to half an hour.
  2. Aflame Meditation: Another effective technique of meditation for beginners that is easy and can be done individually is to close your eyes and imagine yourself near a bright burning candle. You need to completely focus on the candle, the colors of the flame like yellow, violet, orange, and the sparkles of the candle. This technique is very effective in relaxing your mind. If your mind wanders just bring it back and ponder about the burning flame.
  3. Guided Meditation: It’s a technique that is considered to be among the most common technique used by beginners because of its efficacy. This mediation technique encloses many styles. The first step of the technique is listening to a meditating CD that plays a very relaxing music track. It could be anything from nature or an instrument playing. Your guide will ask you and set you with a meditating tone along with guiding you how to breathe.  Once you are calm and relaxed, the guide will finally lead you to a meditative state that was desired and finally cure all your disorders.

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Conclusion: These are some of the easiest and most effective techniques that the beginners could straightforwardly learn and can use for themselves. They help you to relax and bring peace to your mind. They are very effective for minor to major stress conditions. In panic situations, these simple mediating techniques could help you to calm down and prevent you from negative thoughts that can worsen your condition.

I wish you Love and Light!

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