Meditation with Crystals

March 20, 2013

We all know that crystals and other gemstones do have some influence on our body and mind. This is the reason why people wear gemstones with a strong belief that they will have a powerful affect on their lives.

Gemstones and crystals are naturally grown. They are unique kind of rocks that have definite properties. If you are looking for a difference between an ordinary stone and a crystal the difference is simply between its atom and molecular structure. Crystals have a special property that they form over time and the process of crystal growing is called crystallization.

Crystals can be your true friend. Crystals have very powerful energy in them so if you are beginning meditation with crystals, you must know a few important things about it.

Firstly, you must listen to your intuition as to begin a relationship with your stone. Choosing the right crystal for you could be a difficult situation. If you are stuck in such problem just put all the stones in front of you and close your eyes and imagine them for a few seconds. As soon as you open your eyes the first crystal that catches your eyes should be the one you choose. Later, when you start your meditation with it you will learn yourself why it was the one you chose.

Crystals have a power to receive, store and transmit energy from the environment. They are very effective in healing your anxieties and stress. They are efficient in assisting us to better understand ourselves and the outer world. They assess you to get spiritual peace just by focusing your attention to the crystal. You can find inner peace.

Meditation Crystal

Crystal Age

Crystal meditation is a practice that people do to combine the crystal energy by laying the crystal down on chakras or on crystal grids. Crystals are among the few strong tools for healing spiritual, mental, and energy disorders.

The process of crystal meditation begins by imagining yourself encased in the crystal energy. Focus on your breathing, breath in and count to 10.Then think about your crystal meditation and breathe out.

Next, keep yourself relaxed and hold your crystal in your hand and begin rubbing it over your hand. Just do it slightly as if you are caressing a child. After doing it for a couple of minutes, you will begin to see some pictures. Close your eyes and take deep breaths and visualize them to go with the flow of the journey. Just be there for some time and you will feel the energy. Just allow any thoughts and visions to come and go freely without getting disturbed by them.

The meditation process discussed above is just the single technique that you can do with the crystal. Many other techniques can be learnt and practiced. Some of the techniques are easy and simple but some are little tricky. Working with the crystals is very enjoyable as it is easy and helps you relax and be peaceful from inside without much effort.

I wish you Love and Light!

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