Meditation- A Soothing Way to Get Rid of Depression

April 3, 2013

Are you suffering from acute depression, anxiety or nervousness? This is the worst mental disorder situation when the mind is in search of soothing peace. Depression can be defined as a situation when the brain is tensed, heart is unsatisfied, and the soul is agitated. People suffering from severe depression often lose their temper on very ordinary issues. Stress can also cause depression but the main causes of depression are the unpleasant circumstances that make you feel like a survivor after a war. It seems like a black curtain of despair trying to veil your life.

Depression is highly common these days. A high percentage of people are suffering from this problem. Doctors recommend numerous ways to get rid of depression but most of the medicated ways to get rid of this problem are based on antibiotic formulas. Whereas, the effective ones lose their affect the moment you try to quit them. Meditation for depression is the best way to get rid of your depression with a natural and soothing process. When you use meditation, you are actually giving a breathing space to your mind through a spiritual task.

Medication or exercise never provides permanent relief from depression and anxiety. All you need is meditation for your depression, considering it the best way to get rid of your problem. If you are good at day dreaming, meditation will not be a difficult task for you.

Meditation for Depression

First step in meditation for depression is to turn off the television and radio around you. Set yourself comfortably in a cool dark room. Close your eyes and set your body horizontally at an angle of 180 degrees. You need to avoid distraction at this point so make sure that everything around you is at silent mode. You may want to open your eyes to see what is going around in dark but this will cause interruption in your process. Moreover, remember you are focusing on the internal now, so stop concentrating on the external. Imagine an ideal situation in your life that can give your soul and mind a soothing effect.

Think of a time when you feel comfortable, when you feel like everything around you is pleasant and is according to your desires. Try to indulge yourself in that imaginary situation for as long as you can. Start taking deep breaths. Try to exhale more instead of inhaling more. There should be a balance between your imagination process and your speed of breathing.

Now, begin counting up to 10. This will start reviving the natural rhythm of your body. And indeed your soul will get a fresh blow. With your eyes closed, think of a lush green open field with pines all around turning to grey. The lush green imaginative color will soothe you and this is your actual focal point.

You might feel that you need to go into a meditative state. But always remember to count from one to ten in cycles. And the most important note, don’t be hasty trying to get out of this state. Be calm and patient while doing this process.

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I wish you Love and Light!

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