Meditating with Stones

March 6, 2013

Meditation is a simple process that helps you relax and cope with your daily hassles. If you are looking forward to learning meditation yourself, then there are abundant ways to meditate. These are simple and easy for anyone to learn and practice.

Among the many other ways that are being practiced throughout the world, the most common meditating process is stone mediation focused on crystal healing. It is inexpensive and can be done by anyone.

Meditation by stones is effective to overcome your anxieties and stress on daily basis along with healing the physical ailments of your body. We all know that stones and crystals have energy. They are very effective for mental and spiritual peace, as meditation is a process to discipline your mind that will eventually prepare your body to tackle the load of stresses you are facing.

You have a huge variety of meditation stones that you can choose for yourself. Several stones can bring you very powerful healing effects not just for your body or mind but also for your soul. Here are some of the most effective stones that are very effective in healing people.

  • Sapphire– a wisdom stone: it’s a stone that is found in many colors like yellow, purple, blue, black, green, white, etc that are meditating colors of this stone. Using this stone in a meditation process helps you keep your unwanted thoughts away from your mind. This helps you release your stress and worries that cause depression. It’s effective and can easily be found in the market.

Crystal healing - sapphire

  • Ruby:  it is among the most powerful stones in all and is very common for the use in meditation. As it is very powerful, the stone is not recommended to be used by sensitive people. For others, it brings very strong energy to their body and mind. It helps one to be passionate for their lives.
  • Sugilite: It is a stone known to have powerful association between the physical body and mind. It is effective in establishing a strong control over the thought processes.
  • Emerald: Is a stone that has many magical powers. It is very effective in healing your mind, body and soul. It helps in balancing your emotions and dreams. Spiritual insight is known to be enhanced by the power of this gemstone. It is also effective in physical ailments like during the process of childbirth, the stone is effective in protecting the mother.

These are some of the many stones that are used in the meditation process. This stone mediation can be used for a single intention by thinking over your intention for some time and then looking over your stone. You will feel relaxed and calm and will make up your mind for a decision.

Conclusion: Stone meditation is among the few effective techniques of meditation. For stone meditation, all you need to have is your own stone, belief in its energy and it will help you in return by overcoming your anxieties.

I wish you Love and Light!

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