Healing With Crystals – How Does It Work?

July 2, 2014

It was quite a while ago that while searching the internet, meditation with stones passed under my sight and I couldn’t resist but reading the entire story. I searched various other sources as well and found this form of meditation and healing with crystals really interesting.

Crystal Beads-Healing crystals

The meditation is done with stones that are believed to posses certain special powers. These stones are usually termed as healing crystals and nature has provided them in various beautiful and appealing colors which differentiate them from one another.

How Does Healing With Crystals Work?

Healing crystals are believed to posses certain special and some believe, magical powers that help the body heal. These powers vary from stone to stone and color to color. Specific stones with specific color are employed to heal a specific kind of illness.

Amazing Powers Possessed By Healing Crystals:

The powers possessed by these crystals and stones tend to heal the physical body and have a positive effect on mental health of the person. They tend to help the body excrete the harmful toxins through the liver and kidney with an advantage of relieving stress at the same time.

Some stones help stimulate your creativity and make you feel happier. They relieve stress and depression and are effective for seasonal affective disorder and PMS.

They can make you feel confident and help you with your emotional issues making you more positive towards life.  They have the amazing powers to heal the body, of the damage done due to prolong use of computers and other electronic devices.  Some of the crystals benefit your gall bladder, liver and kidney, heart and brain.

Some extraordinary gems are thought to possess fire in them. They can help you conquer the writer’s block. Interesting? Isn’t it? They can make you feel independent, relieving you from the powers of someone who has been stifling you for long. They can elevate your mood, make you happy, and boost your immunity. They have the power to even ameliorate the side effects of chemotherapy.

Some phenomenal crystals with beautiful colors are also thought to possess good fortune. They relieve your grief and help you pass through your misfortune, inculcating in you positive energy and a confident attitude. They can provide you the feelings of security and safety. They can aid you with communication skills, consciousness and are connected with divine powers.

How to Use Healing Stones:

How do you actually benefit from healing with crystals’ powers?

These beautiful colored healing stones are worn according to the illness you posses and the effect you want. Fitted in jewelry and worn permanently, they are thought to have great deal of effects on your life and personality. Some stones that are thought to protect you from electromagnetic waves emitted from telephones and microwaves are placed affixed near these devices to give protection and safety.

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