Healing Properties Of Crystals

June 25, 2013

Healing Properties Of Crystals

Have you ever felt yourself relieved from your tension? Have you felt positivity empowering you? Has your negativity vanished? Has your misfortune converted to good fortune? And have your ever realized that it may be due to a stone you are wearing on your finger or on your necklace? Or it may be because of the new gemstone you have purchased recently and placed in your room? It feels strange but actually it is true that crystals do possess some healing and magical powers that can deliver those positive effects in your life.

Healing stones - healing crystals

Magical Healing Powers of Crystals:

Certain gemstones or healing stones are associated with magical powers which are part mystery and part mystical. The beliefs regarding the magical properties of the healing stones extend back to ancient times when Hindu, Egyptians and the Mayas believed on these magical powers strongly and employed them for healing purposes.

These healing stones are thought to influence both mental and physical health of the person. They can alleviate mood, enhance your confidence, inculcate in you positivity and reduce your anxiety and stress. Physically they can enhance the body’s ability to reduce toxins and affect heart, kidney, gall bladder and other organs in the most positive way. Not only this, they are thought to possess magical properties that may alleviate different side effects of other procedures as chemotherapy.

The theory behind the meditation and healing with crystals is that every stone holds a specific vibrational energy that interacts with and improves the vibrational frequency of the body effecting body’s energetic frequency. However, there is no scientific evidence to it.

Healing Shop:

Considering the powers contained in crystals, they are employed to heal certain illnesses in certain parts of the world. For this purpose, healing shops provide proper treatment to customers. They assess the customer’s physical and mental status, select the right stone for them based on their expertise, and use it for healing therapy.

These healing shops contain experienced personnel who know how to handle and focus the energies of a crystal at the required site for desired results. Crystals are placed at specific points of the body to provide relief or may be swept over the entire body in a pendulum like manner or a crystal wand. A seven colored chakra layout is used in most of the healing shops for chakra healing.

Numerous illnesses are cured using crystal therapy. These include headache, sleeplessness, lack of energy, lack of libido, difficulty in study and concentration, mental problems and several others. However, the cure lies in the right selection, proper handling and professional use of these crystals. Make sure you take out the time to buy the right kind of crystals that are best for you and find the best healing shop to have some professional person carry out the crystal therapy for you.

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