Buy Crystals

A big welcome to the buy crystals page.

You have come to this page because you want to buy good quality healing crystals right? Well you have come to the right place.

I purchase my crystals from

I wouldn’t go anywhere else because it is an excellent company and has everything you need to explore crystal healing – whether you are a crystal healing practitioner or simply interested in the power of crystals and want to build your collection.  There is nothing to describe how you feel when you open a package and hold that crystal in your hand  feeling its energy, you feel drawn to it, that knowingness inside that you have chosen well.

It has the most amazing quality crystal jewellery, so you can continue to get the most from this energetic form of healing and manifestation daily.  I wear my crystal jewellery everyday and have each piece programmed for my needs of that day.
Thumb and palm stonesHealing crystalsCrystal jewellery - Healing crystalsHealing stones - healing crystals

Another wonderful thing about this company is the fact that they stock fossils!  Yes that is right, you can add fossils to your collection.  I have a very special display of them in my bathrooms, along with some amazing crystals which always results in a talking point with visitors to my home.  In fact I sometimes end up giving one away, if one of my visitors is drawn to it, it means they were meant to have it!  However, no problem, more are available!

So why buy healing crystals online?

I buy crystals online for the following reasons

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Quality Crystals Guaranteed
  • A Huge and Varied  selection of crystals – you can buy everything you need and more
  • Incredible Prices – because of no horrendous overheads
  • Telephone numbers should you wish to contact them
  • World Wide Delivery Service with order tracking
  • Same Day dispatch if you order early enough
  • Rewards Programme (with Grailstones)
  • The availability of Fossils
  • New products and specials that can be found no where else.

The list goes on, but I urge you to see for yourself. Take action today,  I know you will not be disappointed.