Healing Crystals to Reduce Worry

June 2, 2015

Everyone worries from time to time, however, for some worrying can or has taken over their lives causing much disruption.

Here is a list of my favorite crystals that I find can help with worry.


  • Aids in anxiety and stress relief
  • Balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain allowing you to enter into deep relaxation and also meditation
  • Assists in dream recall
  • If you allow opens you to your psychic abilities
  • An extremely powerful healing crystal that assists on all levels.


  • Invites you into the present moment by banishing constant worry
  • Stimulates learning and the seeking of knowledge
  • Assists you in ridding yourself of unwanted thought patterns and distractions
  • Brings the mind and mental body into balance
  • Enhances memory and also decision making which is important for “Worriers”

You can connect with these healing crystals daily by either wearing crystal jewelry or carrying the crystal on your person.

Love and Light

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