Guided Meditations – Can These Help in Your Career?

December 22, 2012

Thank You Nasa

People often ask me how guided meditations could help them in their lives be it professional, social or personal.

The simple answer to this complex query is, these help you in every way. You see, if you are meditating, you are not only freeing your mind but you are also relaxing your body and for a while, thinking beyond everything material.

So, if meditation is helping attain freedom from all the fuss of life, how is it possible it won’t help you, especially, when it comes to professional life and your career?

No one would disagree from the fact that in these crucial economic times, having a job itself is a blessing. But that’s not all, you want to grow and rise up the career ladder, make a good living, own a big property and a luxury car. And guess what; guided meditations can help you have it all.

If you have been working for a while now, no matter what the job, you already know how much time you exactly give to your own self.

Most commonly, people don’t even spend half hour for themselves. You may even believe that you are earning a good living because you are working round the clock, but in fact, you are not. If you are stress-busted and exhausted from all the work you are doing excellently, and have made a irremovable place of yourself in the place of your work, you have brought a halt to your career, because the company cannot replace you.

For you to grow, you need to perform excellently what you do and do a lot more than that. And, this is possible if you are mentally and physically prepared to take the load.

Meditation relaxes you and prepares you for the stress you can absorb, the physical strain you can bear, or even more by making you believe that it simply doesn’t exist.

There was an amazing quote I read somewhere that worries and stress exist only if you think they exist. You feel tired only if you feel you are tired. Guided Meditation makes you believe that both of these things are simply not a part of your life.

So, how does it actually help then? Guided meditations not only work when you are meditating but way beyond that. It helps you when you are sleeping, eating, talking to your friends, attending a meeting or having a presentation with the board of directors at your workplace. It helps you attain control over your mind and body, both of the most important parts of your existence.

And since you are in a better control of your existence, you can take control about what is going around you, tackle the problems you face with ease, feel liberated even when you are overburdened with work and as a result climb up the corporate ladder quicker than even your bosses expected.

Sounds too good to be true, but have a look around you. How many people do you know who are stuck in the same position for years with no or very minute progress?

Compare their attitudes and lifestyles to the people who have risen up to glory in a shorter time. Control matters and guided meditations can help you with that.  Many elite athletes and successful people use guided meditations every day.

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