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August 26, 2010

Over the years, I have had one question asked so many times

“Is it better to meditate at night, inside or outside? Early Morning?”

Look I have to tell you it does not matter when you meditate as long as you do it everyday.  However, on saying that many people like to meditate when there is a moon.  Others like to do an open eye meditation on a particular star.

I love meditating outside when the moon is up as it has particularly strong energies and influences us in many ways.

One of my acquaintances is a Naturopath and she tells all her clients whether they meditate or not to sit outside EVERY MONTH when the moon is full as its energies balance the Pituitary Gland.  So, if you’re not into meditation grab a cup

Of herbal tea and sit on chair where the moon can shine on you, sip quietly on your cuppa and JUST BE.

Genevieve Lewis Paulson has a great book called Meditation and Human Growth, and says in pages 55 & 56 the following about meditating when the moon is there in all its glory.

The Moon

The Moon has a particularly strong influence on us, its effects changes with each cycle.  As you learn to work with the Moon’s energies you will speed your efforts.

Full Moon

Full Moon energies help us to cleanse our three lower bodies, physical, emotional and mental.  People can become quite emotional during this period.  They can also become quite irrational which is a mental body dysfunction.  The physical body can be “out of sorts” or heavy.  If much of the cleansing is already done for these bodies, or if you give special time to use these energies to do what needs to be done, then the energy will become “pure”.  It can then be used quite productively in various ways.  It is free for your use.

Full Moon Meditation

Be in a comfortable position.  Open your mind to Full Moon energies.  Let them be balanced in your brain.  Bless any problems, which come to mind.

Release them for a moment and let your mind be peaceful for a while.

Alternately tighten and relax the belly area a few times.  Then with a relaxed belly (emotional) area, feel the Moon’s energies strengthening it.  Release any problems for the moment and let the belly area be peaceful.

Stretch your body, relax it, and then stretch again.  Release tensions and allow the energy to come in as strength.  Meditate on projects you would like to tackle.

She also says this about New Moon energies –

“New Moon energies are strongest about five days before and after the New Moon, when there is almost no Sun reflection from the Moon on us.  This allows the energies from the galaxy to reach us more powerfully, as the sun does not diffuse them.  These are called Galactic energies, and do not affect as heavily people who are not using their higher bodies in a concentrated manner.  These energies can bring in great strength.  Meditations on higher planes will be greatly enhanced during this period.  Insights from higher levels or planes are quite likely to come during this period.  Over meditating during this time can bring in too much galactic energy, which can leave you feeling like your mind is blown.

Yes, occasionally you will find me quoting some authors, I have read over the years.  Authors that I intuitively trust and have used in my own training.

(I have also added a meditation video from Doreen Virtue for a FULL MOON meditation at the end of this blog Post – Do it it is AWESOME!)

Have you a special meditation spot?

I live ½ way up a mountain on 1-½ acres.  I have a spot in my garden where I meditate, when I intuitively feel I need the influence of the energies outside the house. It has a Bench on a bed of small river pebbles, a bush rock wall in a semi circle with large trees around and a 270-degree vista.  Very Powerful energetically.  I always ask for Guardian Angels to constantly be on the North, South, East and West sides of my home and garden, also it is filled with Faeries, Elves and Nature Spirits.  It is something my partner and I have created with love and light.  You know we even find our 3 little dogs sitting on the bench in the meditation area!

The reason I am telling you this is because no matter where you are, you can make a special spot in your, home, home and garden, balcony  – where-ever takes your fancy for your meditation area.  Even if you don’t believe in meditation, create this spot as your “Quiet time” area.  Tell others when you are in this place you need space for about 30-45 minutes.  I guarantee you will feel the benefits.

Until next time,

Love and Light


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