Crystal Healing and Essential Oils

What have they got to do with one another?

Good question with a very simple answer. Essential Oils like Crystals and like us all are pure energy. Essential Oils work on all levels of the Human Body. Each Essential Oil has different properties that work with different Systems and Organs just like the Chakras and Crystals.

When doing Energetic Healing Work I combine all 3 together, as do many healers.

For example: Spikenard Essential Oil 1 drop on a Programmed Clear Quartz Crystal, as I work on The Crown Chakra.

When giving a Healing Massage, I place a Crystal programmed for healing into the Massage Oil that has specially selected Essential Oils and leave overnight before using on the client. Which Crystal you use, depends on the symptoms or illnesses my clients have, which I know before hand. Each client has a specific blend made up for them.

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