Elves – Fairies (Faeries) do you believe?

March 21, 2012

I would like to ask you a question – “Do you believe in the Faerie Realm?”

(Please note I have used the old way of spelling Faerie in their honor)

The Faerie Realm has been in Folklore for centuries and handed down via stories, tales and songs, with Clairvoyants, Mystics, Sages, Seers and Wise men being another traditional source.  Even today many people working in the Metaphysical Realm communicate with them.

Unfortunately, humans have a tendency towards smugness with many having the belief that we are definitely the highest form of intelligent life.

My belief is that in a Universe as vast as the one we live in there are many forces and dimensions we do not understand and that we have drawn away from being sensitive to the energies around us and those being emitted from “Gaia” (Mother Earth) herself.  Many have a tremendous fear of anything outside the physical plane, which saddens me greatly.

You know the Human Essence is a wondrous thing.  We are Multi-dimensional Beings with an energy system that enables us to respond to many levels, not just the physical.

We live in a universe of infinite energies and life forms, which can bring us joy and an expanded awareness.

The Faerie Realm for those who believe or who want to seek out is but one of these.

Today lets start to take a look at the metaphysical world of Flowers and their Faeries.

Being the most beautiful and delicate in the Faerie Realm the Flower Faeries and elves are as abundant as the flowers themselves and serve the flowers in many ways.

There are faeries to help the flowers emit their perfume, others to help them grow.  Elves and Gnomes create the colors plus other Faeries and Elves watch over the area as they grow.  Also for every single flower there is one “overseer” Faerie or Elf who watches all others working on and around the particular flowers plus it embodies the essence of the flower itself.

Flowers have strong energy vibrations and have been great sources of inspiration and energy.

Think about how all aspects of flowers have been used by Healers (Bach and Flower Essences and also Essential Oils, Homeopathic Herbs etc) that work on a vibrational level and metaphysicians.  Also think about how flowers have been an inspiration for artists, writers and poets.

It is a fact that today those working in and with the spiritual realm take the time and trouble to set flowers in the room or space where they are working for the Flower Faeries to increase the vibrational energy.

Ted Andrews in his book Enchantment of the Faerie Realm, pages 143 and 145

Says –


The Faerie Spirit of Basil shows itself in more of an Elf form.  It holds the knowledge of integrating sexuality and spirituality.  Wherever Basil grows, there is usually a dragon to be found in that same environment, serving as protector.  It also draws dragons when burned as incense.  The Faeries and Spirits of Basil help us awaken greater discipline and devotion.


This flower is drawing to all Faeries, Elves and Nature Spirits.  Where it is found, Nature Spirits, even those not associated with the flower will also be found.  It is one of the best flowers to work with to begin communion with the Faerie Kingdom, as its Faeries have no fear of humans and are very open to contact.  They stimulate great physical awareness of the presence of Nature Spirits.  The Daisy is a favorite flower of the Wood Nymphs and simply sitting among the flowers invites contact.  Daisy Faeries help awaken creativity and inner strength.

Sometime this month try to go and sit quietly in your garden or a park taking your favourite crystal with you which you have reprogrammed before hand to “Help Communicate with the nature spirits”.

Look around and take note of what you see.  Mentally give thanks to all the Nature Spirits.  Then close your eyes, take some deep breaths and just sit.

Note any experiences, a light touch like a cobweb on you, a fleeting smell of a flower…

Be open to all experiences.

Let me know how you go!

Love and Light


P.S.  I have added another beautiful meditation by Doreen Virtue for you to help you with your journey.  Take your favourite crystal in your hand, and follow what Doreen says.

Doreen, thank you and Blessings!

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