Types of…

Types of Healing Crystals


Touch Stones/Tumble Stones – These are carried in a pouch, pocket or handbag. They are then touched during the day allowing the energy of the Crystals to bring about balance in your mind and body.

Single Terminators – Common – The six sides terminate in a point at one end which focuses the Crystal’s Energy. Used for healing and all general purpose work.

Double Terminators – Has points at both ends. Rarer – projects energy from both ends. Creates a unified energy field.

Clusters – Beautiful groups of varied size Crystals sharing a common base. Clusters create balance and harmony. Great for re-charging and cleansing other Crystals.

Polished Generators – Enhanced by skilful polishing with an occassional shaping of the point to better focus the energy flow. They respond very well to programming.

Pyramid – Powerful. Ideal for meditation and as room Crystals

Crystal Balls – Symbol of perfection. Great for Massaging. Gazing into them will help you with recall, releasing your past and seeing your future.

Crystal Wands – Ideal for massaging a particular area and should always have a point to focus energy on a particular area and a smooth end for massaging.

Oh by the way did you know that David and Victoria Beckham are devotees of ‘healing crystals?”

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