Programming Your …

Healing Crystal Programming

Programming your Healing Crystals is so simple and easy but highly effective.

Place your cleansed Healing Crystal in Your right palm. Then place your right hand palm up into your left palm. Look at your Healing Crystal and focus on what you want your Healing Crystal to do for you.

Jade Crystal Ball

Jade Crystal Ball

For Example, Help you manifest a new car of your choice (visualize the car and send the picture into the crystal), Heal your aches and pains, keep you balanced during the day. Anything you wish, it is there to serve you. Keep on focusing on the Crystal until you feel intuitively that it is right to stop.

Your Crystal is like a CD that has been put on repeat. It will keep on sending out the vibration of what you want until you tell it to stop by cleansing and reprogramming it.

REMEMBER: When you manifest the results you want, cleanse it and reprogram it with more of your wants needs and desires.

Imagine if you had crystals in every room, in your bag and on your body, how many good things could you manifest into your life?

I like to know the complete properties of every crystal I have and I use a chart. These charts can be found in our store under ‘Package 1″

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