Healing and Meditation

Crystal Healing & Meditation

Meditation is a wonderful time when you can still the mind and access inner thoughts, messages and feelings.

By holding a Healing Crystal or Placing them on your body you can empower your meditation and gain increased energy and insights.

I find this a joyous thing to do as you also get to know each of your crystals.

Many people find it hard to meditate so I have selected a few really good meditation CD’s for you to choose from.  (SEE RIGHT)

All you have to do is lie in a quiet place, Hold or place your chosen Programmed Healing Crystals on your body, start the Meditation, close your eyes and follow exactly what the CD tells you to do.

Always light a candle in honour of your meditation

The music behind some of them is Awesome!

If you want to get a Gob-Smacking crystal for meditation, try this a Quartz Prophecy Stone 2 inch Dragon’s Egg.   Powerful!

You can find out more and purchase by clicking the photo below.

You will not regret this!

Guaranteed to make your meditations something special.


Quartz Prophecy Stone 2