Crystal Healing and Massage

You can use any Crystal for a massage either directly on a tender area or for a full body massage. Crystals are available that have been specially shaped and smoothed for a more sensual massage.

You can even use a Crystal Healing Massage to cure a Headache.

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Following is the “How To”…

With a Crystal Sphere about the size of tennis ball or smaller, lay on the floor and place the ball under you in the points between and under the shoulder blades. Massage the area by gently rocking over the ball.

Massage the Trapezius muscles at the base of the neck, at the base of the skull, and even in the dimples of the buttock by moving the crystal ball around to the different trigger points. It is fairly important to Massage the Dimples of the buttocks because this is where we hold a lot of tension that makes it way up the spine to the behind the
shoulder blades. This then becomes inflamed and moves up to the base of the skull.

It is important to let your body relax over the ball until the tension dissolves.

Massage these spots with your crystal ball with as much pressure as is comfortable for 10 seconds, let off for 10 seconds, massage for another 10 seconds, let off for 10 seconds, and massage
one more time for 10 seconds.

Remember to breath slowly and evenly as you massage yourself. You will probably notice by the time you are done massaging yourself the headache will start to reduce, and within two or three minutes the headache will disappear completely and your body will feel fabulous.

If you don’t know how to do Massage, no worries, just go to our store and look at the Just AHH book.  It has a full description along with Photo’s of how to do a full facial massage!  The benefits to you, your loved ones and friends if you could give them this delightful massage would be a far greater feeling of wellness and balance, plus it would be fun for all, especially when combined with Healing Crystals and a Massage blend with Essential Oils.

The following Amethyst Crystal Ball is a powerful healer to access this beautiful ball and start your powerful and natural healing journey just click on the photo below.

Amethyst Sphere Grade 3 (SAM1-01)