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How to Choose the Correct Healing Crystal

Crystals can be used in any situation to amplify your energy, to help manifest what you want, clarify thoughts, increase physical energy, balance, enhance intuition, healing, and much more! However, many people fail to move forward to receive the benefits Crystals want to give them because they fear choosing a Healing Crystal “Just In Case it is not the right one”.

Choosing the Right Healing Crystal is easy and very simple!

The main point in choosing a Crystal is to trust your own Impulsive, Intuitive Attraction!

You might be drawn to its color, shape or a particular specimen. Go with it!

Once you have chosen the Crystal then find out what its Metaphysical Properties are so you can get the best use from this wonderful gift from nature.  We have a great chart to help you in our store – see package 1

When choosing a Crystal as a gift, imagine the person standing in front of you and feel them in your heart, then concentrate on the Crystals. You will easily find the one that seems to fit with the person you are imagining. It really is the same as choosing one for you. If it feels right then it is.

You do not have to physically go to a Crystal Store to buy them; you can choose the correct one online, just by looking at the photographs.

How come? We are all energy and emit a certain energetic frequency; Crystals emit a certain energetic frequency we are all connected!

I continue to choose my Crystals online and each one chosen has been so wonderfully correct I wouldn’t do it any other way now.

Some fabulous Healing Crystals can be found at Grailstones.  I purchase all my crystals through them, so they come highly recommended.  Honestly, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, Grailstones can ship to you and may I say at a very reasonable price.

Here are my latest purchases –  what do you think?  Awesome, as I use candles everyday!

Just click the photo and it will take you to Grailstones so you can see what I mean about being a fantastic place to get your Healing Crystals!

*Natural Amethyst Keyring