Crystals for Reducing Stress

May 20, 2015

Crystals can give so much and really do help us everyday, and should be incorporated into our wellness regime.

Many of us feel very stressed in our daily lives trying to cope with the everyday responsibilities of home, family and work commitments. If you are fed up with being overwhelmed and stressed to bursting point and wish a way to obtain Quick, Easy, Stress Relief then the following crystals can help.


  • Aids in anxiety and stress relief
  • Balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain allowing you to enter into deep relaxation and also meditation
  • Assists in dream recall
  • If you allow opens you to your psychic abilities
  • An extremely powerful healing crystal that assists on all levels.


  • Completely banishes stress from your life
  • A bringer of tranquility and total inner peace
  • Calms the mind and balances the heart chakra area
  • Works to strengthen the skeletal system
  • Brings about a state of total relaxation which can aid in a deeper meditation

One way to have an Amethyst or Calcite Crystal  on you every day is to wear a piece of Amethyst or Calcite Crystal Jewelry or to carry a tumble stone on your person.

Love and Light

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If you wish to also use essential oils in your daily routine to relieve stress, this book is a best seller and is easy to follow and has been written for the busy person in mind!

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