Crystals for Migraine Relief Plus YOUR Migraine Relief Plan

October 15, 2015


Migraine ReliefHeadaches are a fact of life; at some point, everybody will end up with a headache of some sort. Migraine sufferers know the pain of headaches all too well as these are some of the most severe headaches you can have and it doesn’t end there. Migraines can come with an upset stomach, muscle tension, vision problems and a whole list of issues that come with pounding pain of a migraine.

Migraines are an insidious type of headache that often causes a total disruption of your day. Migraine sufferers are often at the mercy of their migraines, which can hold their daily lives hostage in the grip of pain. Life doesn’t stop because you don’t feel well and trying to power through with a migraine can be nearly impossible.

Over the counter medication is usually the first line of defense for many but they cause problems as well. Too many over the counter medication will have an accumulative negative effect on your health and causes major damage to your kidney’s, liver and stomach. Prescription migraine medication comes with a lengthy list of side effects, many severe enough that people would rather suffer the migraine rather than take the prescription medication.

Concerned about side effects, many people are looking for a better, more natural cure for their migraine. When the cure causes health risks more severe than the illness it is supposed to cure, it is time to find another way. Natural and holistic health cures are growing in popularity recently because they provide relief with no side effects.

healing crystalsCrystals are versatile because each crystal has properties that affect your mental health, physical health and your spiritual health. Migraines can cause problems with various parts of your body, as well as your mental health. Crystals attack the problem from all angles, and each crystal has very specific benefits that will help to heal the migraine in a variety of ways, providing relief from the migraine and the debilitating symptoms that come with them.

Using crystals is very easy. You can wear them, carry them with your keep them on your desk or placed around your house, especially over your bed. When a migraine hits, you want to get relief fast and crystals can help with that too.
Make yourself as comfortable as possible lying on your back and place crystals on your forehead (so they are resting on your forehead). Lay quietly like this for some time, breathing in the powerful energy of each crystal letting them do their work. This works very well when used in conjunction with meditation. You can gently massage your forehead and temples with the crystals to help get migraine relief.

Crystal water is another way that crystals are used. Boil enough water to fill a large glass pitcher. When the water boils, let it cool, pour it into the glass pitcher and place the crystals in the water and let them steep. Drink two or three glasses a day of the crystal water.

One tip: If you feel like vomiting when you have a migraine drink GINGER TEA made with crystal water.
When using crystals to heal your migraine,

Amethyst is the first line of defense for many. This crystal has so many wonderful healing properties and is a tremendous help for many with migraines. Amethyst helps you to relax and to shed your stress, which can be a major cause to why you have a migraine in the first place. Get rid of the cause and you get rid of the migraine. It also helps Amethyst healing crystalsto fight exhaustion, which along with fatigue, can be overwhelming for migraine sufferers. Amethysts is also used for healing the brain; using it can help your brain recover and heal, easing your headache.

Dioptase is another crystal that migraine sufferers should be using. This crystal is used for balancing your energy and helping to align your chakras. In terms of migraine relief, it will ease any mental stress that you are feeling and helps facilitate a relaxed state, which makes this a perfect crystal to use for meditation. It helps to lower blood pressure and heart problems, helping to increase circulation and ease your migraine pain. It also eases fatigue and is a natural pain reliever.

Lapis Lazuli is another crystal with healing properties for migraines because it acts a pain reliever. In addition to pain relief, it will also help to lower your blood pressure, which can be a factor in the migraine cause, and help with vertigo, which can be a side effect of migraines. It is also a natural booster for the immune system.
The last crystal on our list of healing crystal for migraine is –

Rhodochrosite This healing crystal helps to stabilize blood pressure and your heartbeat. It helps to dilate your blood vessels, which can bring migraine relief. Because of this, massaging your temples and forehead with this crystal will give you the best benefit.

YOUR PLAN to banish migraines

  • INVEST in your health by buying the appropriate crystals (Click on the name of each crystal or banner below)
  • Drink Crystal Water made from the above healing crystals daily – the benefits of this are so amazing
  • Wear via crystal jewelry one or two of the crystals listed above programming them for banishing migraines or …
    carry them on your person i.e. pocket
  • Have one or two or all of the healing crystals mentioned placed by your bedside EVERY night
  • Have a medium to large piece of one of the listed crystals in your lounge room and program it for healing
  • Work with all the crystals as together they are very powerful and will benefit you.

It isn’t always easy to make changes, but there’s no better advice than this: just do your best. Make sure you stay committed enough to move ahead and take control of your migraines and not let them take control of you, because there are some wonderful rewards waiting for you.

Love, light and yours in crystal healing

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