Crystals for Meditation – Using Crystals for Meditation

August 26, 2015

Meditation has long been used to improve both the mental and physical well-being. In addition to helping with mental and physical health, it also helps us ground ourselves spiritually. There is no disputing the benefits of meditation and many people are using daily meditation for a variety of things. Benefits of meditation include:

  • Increased spirituality
  • Stress reduction
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Slows the heart rate down
  • Calm down your mind and emotions
  • Helps you feel less anxious and more peaceful
  • Helps shed negative emotion
  • Help with insomnia and sleep problems
  • Help with self-improvement and discovery
  • Clear a jumbled mind
  • Help focus

These are just a fraction of the benefits of meditation. One of the best things about meditation is that it can be done nearly everywhere and by everybody. It is easy to do and you start to feel better almost immediately. Some prefer to meditation in the morning, others at night and others like to take a few minutes and meditate during the day when they need to center themselves or catch their breath. That is the beauty of meditation; it is always on your terms and on your schedule.

Crystals are another tool that is highly useful for spiritual, emotional, physical and mental health. When combined with meditation, you can really enhance the benefits of using both. Crystals often help to amplify or enhance the benefits, through their unique vibrations. Just as meditation has long been used by many cultures, so has the use of crystals for health, healing and mental benefits. Each crystal has its own unique property, with unique vibrations that help to resonate to help bring about a specific change or feeling. By pairing meditation with crystals, you can really enhance your meditation benefits. You can hold the crystal while meditating, or you wear it during your meditation or simply place it near you, to help you focus.

What crystals are best to use for meditation? You can use nearly any crystal as a meditation tool, depending on what result you are trying to achieve. You can find a list of crystals commonly used in mediation below.

Smoky quartz is a great meditation stone. It has historically been prized as a protection crystal. For those looking for inner clarity or self-discovery through meditation, it is highly recommended as it helps connect you to your deepest self, and your most inner thoughts. If you are meditating to find answers, smoky quartz is the crystal that you should be using. It is a great tool to improve your clarity of thinking, as well as for helping to manifest your desires into your life.

Rose quartz is the romance or love crystal; its vibrations are loving and gentle and will help to connect you to positive energy from the universe. It helps you to open your own heart to love, compassion, and acceptance. It is also used to help bring forgiveness, which is useful for those meditating to overcome negative feelings or emotions. This can help you forgive, heal and move on. Rose quartz will also help you love yourself, so if you are meditating for improved self-esteem, use this crystal in your meditation. Lastly, it is good for bringing about a more balanced mental state, useful for stressful and trying times.

Clear quartz is one of the most highly versatile crystals, known for its healing properties, for both spiritual and physical healing. For those with traumatic memories and past events that are preventing healing, the energy from this crystal will help unlock the painful memories, clearing out the blocked energy to make way for healing and happiness. When energy gets blocked, we can feel the negative effects in both our body and soul. Clear quartz will unblock any stuck energy, helping to promote healing on a spiritual and physical level.

It also helps to bring focus to your intent, intensifying your concentration. For anybody who is just learning to meditate, and is having trouble with clearing their mind to focus on the meditation, clear quartz will help them sharpen their focus, making meditation easier. Any time you need to clear your mind and really focus on something in your meditation, use clear quartz.

Amethyst is another crystal known for its healing properties. It helps bring about a greater understanding to the problem being meditated on. When trying to meditate on situation, use amethyst to help you fully understand the problem, ensuring that when you make a decision, it is the correct one due to having a better grasp on the subject and the issue at hand. It is widely used for spiritual meditation, helping to increase spirituality and find a spiritual path.

For stress relief, anxiety reduction and for insomnia, use crystals that are blue, such as turquoise and aquamarine. When used with meditation, they will help quiet the mind and still the body, shedding the physical manifestations of stress and anxiety, bringing about peace and calm.

While these are just some of the most widely used meditation crystals, keep in mind that you can meditate using any crystal you wish. Just choose a crystal whose properties are in line with the goal of your meditation.

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