Crystals For Healing Anger – Using Crystals to Heal Your Anger and Rage

October 20, 2015

Banishing and healing anger and rage is easy when you use healing crystals, your plan for using crystals for healing anger follows – read on …healing crystals

Emotions are hard to get a good handle on at times. Everybody needs help managing their negative emotions at times. When you allow emotions to get the better of you, you end up saying or doing things that you can later regret. In addition, negative emotions take a huge toll on your body because they cause stress and stress is not healthy to our mental and physical health.

One of the most dangerous and damaging negative emotions is anger. Even the mildest mannered person can have days that tax their patience and their tempers flare. A good day can turn bad in an instant, causing your temper to flair. It does us no good to let our emotions run us. We must learn to master and control our emotions before we let a single bad encounter or event ruin a day.

Anger management is where many people do need help. How often has somebody been rude to you for no reason? Or something unforeseen happens, like a flat tire on the way to work. Even a simple argument with a loved one or friend can cause you to lash out at everybody else that day. Managing your anger is necessary before you let the anger build up and taint your entire day. Anger is a damaging emotion that can fester if not managed.

There are many ways to manage anger. You can walk away from a situation, you can use meditation to manage it, and you can use crystals. Daily use of crystals are very useful and extremely effective in managing emotions, including anger.

Each crystal is unique and has properties that can affect you on a spiritual, mental or physical level. If anger is a problem for you or if you are often in high pressure situations and are looking for a way to help manage and dispel anger, then you can use crystals to help achieve this goal. Crystals work well alone or in tandem with meditation and other anger management methods.

Below, you will find a list of the best crystals to use for managing anger to help you feel centered, calm and emotionally centered.

Vesuvianite, also called idocrase, is a great crystal to help stabilize your emotions and break up negative thought patterns. This helps you get rid of depression and anger that can be holding you back.

 2.3  Sphere Vesuvianite Cabochon Vesuvianite Tumble Stone 78mm Peruvian Epidote Puffy Heart Rare Natural Green Pistacite Polished Quartz Crystal Stone Heart Feng Shui Metaphysical Healing Mineral Power Emotional Heart Chakra Stone 40mm Epidote Cabochon Pebble Peruvian Rare Reiki Green Natural Quartz Crystal Pistacite Stone Metaphysical Healing Mineral Heart Chakra Emotional Crystal Cab Fundamental Rockhound Products: Vesuvianite / Idocrase MASSAGE WAND natural gemstone crystal, grounding stone with carrying pouch                                                   88mm Green Vesuvianite Massage Wand Rare Reiki Idocrase Crystal Stone Stick Metaphysical Healing Mineral Feng Shui Vasonite Stone Pointer – India                  

Blue howlite is a great crystal for anger because it helps foster tact, patience and higher reasoning. With this clarity of thinking, stress and anger are dispelled.

A lot of the anger we have is due to the anger of others that bleeds over into our own emotions. We are always bombarded by the negative energies of others, including their anger. You can use crystals to help dispel this negative angry energy from affecting you.

 Blue Howlite Crystal Egg Lapis Howlite Crystal Egg Blue Howlite Tumble Stone  Howlite Palm Stone 4.5

Black tourmaline, selenite, obsidian and clear quartz can be used to protect from the negative energy of others. If you are a woman A gorgeous pendant with one of these on a chain looks very chic and glamorous when worn, giving you much protection or if a man, pop one of these in your pocket.

 7 Chakra Stones® Black Tourmeline Pendants with Chain Black Tourmaline Faceted Pendulum with Om Pendant Black Tourmaline Pencil 7 Chakra Pendant

Rhodechrosite is a great crystal for anger management. It can help you to let go of any past traumas that are holding you back from emotional healing. Trauma can make you angry if you don’t let go and this crystal will help you let go and heal from the things in your past that have hurt you. It also helps you to clear out blocked emotional energy and anger that you are storing, to feel better mentally and physically.

Hematite helps to break up and dissolve negative emotions including anger. It has a grounding effect, and helps to bring balance to your mental state. Carnelian works much the same as hematite and is often worn to help prevent anger from taking root and building up.

 Lucky Crystal Point Necklace in Hematite Gemstone 30mm Hematite Puff Heart Worry Healing Stone  2 Magnetic Hematite Therapy Bracelets Lg 12mm / Pain Relief


Amethyst is another crystal for anger. If you are holding onto anger and having trouble letting go of it, amethyst is a good choice to dispel pent up anger and negativity. It is also amazing to make crystal water with. Crystal water is another way that crystals are used. Boil enough water to fill a large glass pitcher. When the water boils, let it cool, pour it into the glass pitcher and place the crystal in the water and let it steep. Drink two or three glasses a day of the crystal water and fill your water bottle with this if you go out.

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Angelite helps bring about inner peace and helps you communicate in a healthy way instead of lashing out in anger. I think we’ve all said things we regret when angry; use Angelite to help you communicate without tainting your words with anger.

 Angelite Heart Beautiful Opalite Pocket Guardian Angel, Earth Therapy Angelite Pyramids (3/4

Getting through anger needn’t be hard. Aquamarine helps you let go of the anger that you’ve been holding inside, allowing you to heal on a mental, physical and spiritual level. It will also help you achieve inner peace and tranquility and to speak with others without conflict.

Crystals are very versatile. You can carry them, wear them in jewelry, i.e. rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets. Place them in your house or office to deflect negative energy from entering your space, keeping you clear of the anger of others from tainting your day. Wear them or carry them to help you dispel your own anger. Place them in your house to help you let go of anger that you carry with you. You can use one type of crystal or a combination of many; it is all up to how you want to use them.  Use your intuition to select which crystals are right for you.  I promise you one will call you when you look at its name, read about it, or look at a picture of one.  Or … several might call you, and you know you just have them … it happens to me all the time!


INVEST in your healthy solution by buying the appropriate crystals – chose jewelry or stones or both.

  • Drink Crystal Water made from the above healing crystal AMETHYST daily – the benefits of this are so amazing. Amethyst is also good for so many other things, so you really are making a quality healing crystal water that will keep you healthy on many levels.
  • Wear via crystal jewelry one or two of the crystals listed above programming them for banishing anger and rage or …
    carry them on your person i.e. pocket
  • Have one or two or all of the healing crystals mentioned placed by your bedside EVERY night
  • Have a medium to large piece of one of the listed crystals in your lounge room and program it for banishing anger and rage and be a bringer of peace and tranquility.
  • Work with all the crystals as together they are very powerful and will benefit you.

It isn’t always easy to make changes, but there’s no better advice than this: just do your best. Make sure you stay committed enough to move ahead and take control of your anger and rage and not let it take control of you. By doing this, new vista’s will open up for you.

Love, light and yours in crystal healing

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