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September 8, 2015

These days, life seems to be a never ending series of events and responsibilities. Between work, home and school, there are never enough hours in the day. A busy life equals a busy mind. The more we have to do, the less we seem to be able to focus because there are so many things that we are trying to juggle at any one time.

When we feel frazzled, it makes concentration hard. Even things that you love to do might suddenly be hard to do because you just can’t settle down to focus. Without focus, we can make mistakes, forget to get things done or just have trouble managing with basic tasks.

When else can you use some help gaining focus and clarity? In addition to needing help to find focus during your everyday routine, you can find that when you are in an emotionally charged situation that you are also unable to focus. Negative events, strong emotions and other events can make it hard to concentrate and think clearly.

Anybody can use some help with their focus. From people who want to be more efficient at work, a better student, or even help make their daily routine easier can benefit from learning to improve their focus. No matter what the reason, one of the tools to help you gain clarity and to improve your focus and concentration is crystals.

Crystals are a powerhouse tool for helping to focus energy for both mental and healing, but they are also useful for helping you to actually focus better. Each crystal has its own properties, allowing it to help with specific benefits; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Some of the crystals will help you improve your focus, concentration and your clarity.

You can carry, wear or place crystals around you to gain their benefit. For mental clarity and focus, one of the most effective ways for your crystals to work is to use them while meditating. When used together, meditation and crystals will help you find your focus again, aiding in your ability to concentrate and feel as if you have a clear head once again.

What crystals are the best to use for focus?

If you are looking to focus and find clarity out of an anxious state, use Amethyst.

Amethyst is excellent as a calming crystal, helping to calm down both your mental state and your emotions, which will give you the clear head that you need to focus on the things you need to focus on, not out of control emotions and stress. Amethyst is also is a memory booster as well as having a calming effect on the nervous system, so you can sleep better. Wearing or carrying Amethyst will help you focus on the goals in your life that are achievable and will help you get rid of any problems that you are having trouble letting go of.

For concentration for work or school, you can use Clear quartz.

Clear quartz is a great crystal for this. This crystal will help you feel balanced and it also stimulates the ability to think clearly. Because it repels negative energy, it helps you focus because you have less negative energy interfering with you. Place some on your desk to improved concentration while at work, wear it as jewelry or carry some in your wallet, pocket or purse during the day to help you wherever you are. It will help you feel clear headed, so you can focus easily.

Emerald is great for mental clarity because it helps connect you with the Universe, helping you to see your connections to the world and the universe easier. Green is a soothing color and it can also help to calm you physically so you can focus better and it will help you ward off depression by creating a feeling of harmony and peace.

To improve concentration, use Tiger Eye. This is a grounding crystal, helping you to feel calm, less anxious and more confident. It is a crystal that helps to boost your intuition, so this inner focus is useful for making better life decisions due to the enhanced intuition.

Calcite is best for enhancing learning and memory. When learning something new, use calcite to help retain the knowledge. It also helps you see things from a new perspective, making learning easier.

To enhance your ability to analyze a situation and your intuition, use Apophyllite. This crystal can be used to help you enhance your memory and to better analyze situations and make more informed decisions. It helps to connect you to the world on a more spiritual level, and this awareness will also give you better clarity.

As you can see, there are several crystals that can help you with your focus and concentration. Finding the right one for you will help you find mental clarity and improved focus.

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