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October 24, 2015

Crystals for AbundanceCrystals for Abundance – Crystals are energy conduits, which is why they have such a long history of being used for health and healing. They can be used for physical problems, mental issues, spiritually and to help attract things into your life. Abundance is something that crystals can help attract into your life. YOUR action plan is following.

The unique energy of each crystal will help you attract things into your life, be it better health, a better mood or even abundance. Abundance doesn’t specifically mean money; it can be more of anything including money and better luck.

Everything in the universe emits a vibration, and these vibrations attract things with similar vibrations. If you are seeking abundance, you need a crystal that vibrates with the energy patterns to attract abundance.

When you use crystals, either by placing them in your home or your office, wear or carry them, or use them along with meditation, you are helping to open yourself up to the vibrations of abundance, helping to attract it into your life.

When you want to heal abundance issues, there are four crystals that you should use: citrine, jade, peridot and chrysanthemum stone.


When it comes to abundance, citrine is the go-to crystal for most. For those new to using crystals, this is the recommended crystal to begin with. This crystal is a powerful force of attraction that will not only help you with abundance in terms of success and money, but it helps you retain what you already have. It is recommended for beginners as it clears negative energy, an added bonus.

When using citrine, wear it as a bracelet, necklace or a ring, or you can carry it in a pocket or your purse. To help attract abundance, you can place it in the back left corner of your home, furthest away from the front door. In your office, use the back left corner furthest from your office door. To increase effectiveness, hold or use citrine to focus on during visualization meditations.

Crystals For Abundance – you can can wear them daily – Stunning CITRINE Pendants

 14k Yellow Gold 6mm Round-Cut Citrine 4-Prong  Sterling Silver Citrine Pendant Necklace,        18 Sterling Silver Citrine Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver Citrine Pendant Necklace, 18 14 Karat White Gold 3.75 Carats Checkerboard Cut Citrine Diamond  Sterling Silver Swirl Citrine Diamond Pendant Necklace  10K Yellow Gold 0.40CT 5mm Genuine Citrine Solitaire Heart Sterling Silver Citrine Butterfly Pendant Necklace, 18 Gemstone Six Pyramid Healing Chakra Pendant 1.6 14 Karat White Gold Heart Shape 2.47 carats Citrine Diamond Pendant


Jade is perhaps the most well-known crystal when it comes to abundance, especially in the form of good luck. It helps to increase your happiness, your health, your wealth and your prosperity. This crystal will help bring you peace and prosperity. Jade has been used since ancient times in many cultures for its helpful properties, including healing.

There are many types of jade as it can be found in a wide variety of colors but green jade is the most well-known and popular and the focus of this section. Each color of jade has its own unique properties as well. Jade is often worn, as it can be carved into pendants and shaped into beads or for rings. Jade spheres or carvings can be placed in the home or your office. It is very versatile in its use for abundance. It helps you open up to receive abundance as well as harmony, happiness and good luck and is also an excellent tool for those new to using crystals and visualization for abundance.

Crystals For Abundance – you can can wear them daily – JADE Rings – Breathtakingly beautiful

 Genuine Green Jade Braided Ring Sterling Silver Jade Ring, Size 7 Silver Green Jade Diamond Accent Sterling Silver Jade Oval Pattern .925 Sterling Silver  Marcasite Oval Natural Green Jade Ring  Genuine Green Jade 14k Yellow Gold Butterfly Ring 18k Yellow Gold/Sterling Silver Green Jade Greek Key Ring Sterling Silver and Jade Interlocking Ring, ……..Size 7  White Cultured Freshwater Pearl and Genuine Green Jade 10k Yellow Gold Ring Wristchie Womens Jewelry 925 Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring with Natural Jade  Jade Ring,  Frog Adjustable Green Ring, Jade Jewelry, Statement Ring,  Vintage 925   Sterling Silver 9k ………………Rose Gold Ring Jade Stone


Peridot is another crystal that attracts abundance, prosperity and luck. The Greeks thought it would lead those who sought something the path to finding what they wanted, especially those seeking money or treasure. It is a crystal that attracts opportunities to whoever uses it, helping to bring in more abundance in many forms.

Peridot helps to manifest what you want, which is why it is so useful for abundance. It goes far beyond wealth as it helps to manifest your desires, such as luck, happiness, love, or even things such as confidence and self-esteem. It is extremely useful when doing visualization meditations due to this.

Because it is a gemstone, it is often worn as jewelry. A benefit of wearing Peridot is that is also protects whoever wears it against psychic attacks. It also helps to facilitate emotional and spiritual healing.

Crystals For Abundance – you can can wear them daily – Stunning PERIDOT Bracelets

 10ct tgw Peridot Tennis Bracelet in Sterling Silver 7 1/4 inch Silver Heart-Shaped Peridot Bracelet with 0.01 cttw Diamonds Peridot Round Cut Tennis Bracelet in Sterling Silver (3mm)  Silver Oval Cut Peridot & Round Cut White Diamond 12.00 Ct 18k Yellow Gold Plated  Silver Peridot  Sterling Silver               Peridot Bracelet Peridot Oval Cut in Sterling Silver (9.4 cttw) Vir Jewels Sterling Silver Peridot Bracelet (4.20 CT) Oroclone 14k Gold Plated 10mm Peridot Swarovski Bangle Bracelet Peridot Bali Toggle Bracelet Sterling Silver Balinese Sterling Silver Oval Shape Peridot Bracelet, 7.5 Le Premium® SWAROVSKI Peridot Crystals Rhodium Plated Peridot Cluster Bracelet                                                                      7-1/2 Sterling Silver Green Jade and Peridot link Bracelet, 7.5 Cat Eye Jewels Tibetan Silver Life Tree Charm Meditation Peridot  Rhinestone Crystal Stardust Mesh Magnetic Wrap (Peridot)

Chrysanthemum Stone

The chrysanthemum stone vibrate with an energy that is calming. One of the best benefits of this is how it will increase your happiness. Theses stones help you be in the present, so you are fully aware of yourself and what is going on around you, so you do not miss any opportunities and you get a better sense of the big picture.

This helps you to be able to manifest luck and abundance into your life, and is often used by many to do so. It enables the user or wearer to help discover their purpose and to follow your dreams. Through this, we can find the courage to follow our dreams, to make things happen and to improve our lives. For those who are starting over, making a big change or just need some help to move forward in their life, this is the abundance crystal that you need. It is best when used along with meditation but can also be placed in the office and/or home but it can also be worn or carried.

Crystals For Abundance – you can can wear them daily – Stunning assorted Chrysanthemum Stone Jewelry

 Beadnova Natural 6mm Chrysanthemum Stone Gemstone Gem Round Loose SuSy Sweet Style Chrysanthemum Czech Stones Stud Earrings, jewelry, earrings,  Romantic Time Rose Jasmine Chrysanthemum Tridacna Beads Ball Tassels   CSG Colorful                        Pear Chrysanthemum ………………………Pendant Necklace Chrysanthemum Cut ……………………..Six Stone Ring Chrysanthemum Stone Ring Brown Gold Brass Adjustable  Chrysanthemum Flower Navel Piercing Belly Ring 

Abundance comes in all forms so depending on what you are looking for, one or more of these four crystals can help you achieve your goals and manifest more of what you want and need into your life.

YOUR PLAN to achieve abundance in your life –

  • Firstly decide what type of abundance you wish for yourself, i.e. money, happiness, health
  • INVEST in your abundance by buying the appropriate crystals – which one? You will be drawn by the name or picture when you click and view.  If drawn to more than one, follow your instinct. I wear crystal jewelry and also have tumblestone crystals on my person or in my bag.
  • Wear via crystal jewelry one or two or of the crystals listed above programming them with the INTENTION of YOUR abundance issue or
  • Carry them on your person i.e. pocket
  • Have one or two or all of the healing crystals mentioned placed by your bedside EVERY night
  • Have a medium to large piece of one of the listed crystals in your lounge room and program it for healing
    Work with all the crystals as together they are very powerful and will benefit you.

It isn’t always easy to make changes in your life, and many of you will be wondering can I do this? Yes you can, the power of the crystals are amazing, but there’s no better advice than this: just do your best. Make sure you stay committed enough to move ahead and take control of your abundance issues, because there are some wonderful rewards waiting for you.

Love, light and yours in crystal healing

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