Crystal Wands – What is a Crystal Wand

June 17, 2015

A wand is an energetic tool which is used to focus intent and subtle energy to bring about change and or healing.  The change and or healing can be in you or in your environment or if you are called to and have been given permission  the healing in others.

Throughout history, Wands have been used in many, many cultures, including England and Europe and in my opinion their legacy can still be seen in positions of authority in churches and also in parliament by the use of  staffs, crooks, and sceptres.

Using a Wand

Energetically we receive with the left hand and give with the right hand, therefore the wand is held in the right hand. You then make sure your intent is PURE and you focus your intent and direct the energy through the wand to the recipient.

One of the major and most common uses of a wand is in healing. For this purpose there is no right or wrong way to use it, use it  in whatever fashion feels good for you.

For example, your wand may be passed up and down the person who requested the healing,  pointing  at wounds or held over any area you instinctively feel may have an energy blockage and send your intention of healing into the body. The wand may also be placed base down on the body in order to draw and eliminate negative energy or pain.

One thing you must do if you draw out pain or negative energy is rid the wand of this, this is so easy to do – you can call on the Angelic Realm to transmute the energy into golden positive energy, or draw the energy into a huge ball of purple cleansing light. Do this as you work with the wand.

It is vitally important to cleanse your wand after each use, this can be done by using a smudge stick or wiping it over with a drop of essential oil, or washing it in salt water.

There are many other uses for a crystal wand, It can be used to help you go deeper into a meditative state when meditating, to balance your Chakras and those of others who ask for this healing.  You may even  place filtered drinking water into a glass jug and point your wand at the jug, the tip touching the jug and energise your water with a specific intention you give to the wand.

Your beautiful Crystal Wand can be a very powerful partner in all your energy work. All it needs from you is clear, concise and PURE instructions. Also please remember to thank the wand and Crystal Devas of the wand and any other entities you have called to work with you.

It is a thrill to own a Crystal Wand, it is PURE, It is filled with love and light and should NEVER be used or pointed at anyone without the intention of good and healing or to bring about positive change.

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Love and Light

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