May 20, 2013

Crystals were never as popular as jewelry as they are now. With an increasing variety and use of crystals in jewelry items like necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets in crystal shops, crystal jewelry has gained significant boost in fashion.

Crystal Jewellery

Crystal healers believe firmly in the fact that they can heal anything from physical diseases to mental stress and tension. This too, has added in the popularity of crystals. Crystals function on the subtle waves which penetrate the physical body easily. Human body works with energy in a similar manner like electronic equipments.

Placement of Crystals:

Wearing crystals as a jewelry item may help in bringing the properties of the crystal in the energy of the human body. Setting up a crystal and the style solely depends upon the taste of the individual. It has no effects on the properties of the crystal. Placing the crystal may be a deciding factor. Bracelets and necklaces of multi colored chakra are useful in balancing the energy centers of the body. By wearing a blue crystal necklace, you can heal sore throat. If you wear a rose quartz pendant over the heart area, it would help in relieving heartache. And if you wear a purple amethyst in your earrings, it would help you in opening up your psychic center.

Selecting Crystal Jewelry:

Each human body has a vibration that is different from other individual. The vibration may even vary in the same person throughout the day. It majorly depends on how the person feels, what he thinks and the health of the individual. Crystal experts at the crystal stores help in the selection of a suitable crystal depending upon the wearer’s personality but the wearer is the best expert on their own jewelry. It all depends on you as to which crystal you think is best for you!

Picking up suitable crystal jewelry for you!

  1. Gut instinct is an important factor. If a particular crystal attracts you more than the other, if the crystal stands out for you and if it seems to be glowing more than the others on display, then the crystal is surely for you.
  2. Body shapes: Small crystals may suit people with small physique while large crystals would complement a bigger physique.
  3. Sensing: When buying a crystal, you should feel right while you buy it. If you are confused between two, choose the one which makes you feel right. You can buy crystals easily through online crystal stores.
  4. Traditional qualities: Before you pick a crystal, read about any traditional properties it is associated with like healing.
  5. Birth stones:  When buying crystal jewelry, make sure you buy a crystal that goes with your birth date or birth month.

I wish you Love and Light!

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