Crystal Healing – The Healing Colour of Crystals

December 17, 2010

Hi everyone and welcome back.

I get asked so many times, what the different colors of crystals mean so I thought I would put together a short post on the healing color of crystals.


You may not know it, but color is energy. What you may say? Color is energy? Yes it is! The energy vibration of that color is what you need,
in the moment in order to heal meaning in order to improve and balance your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Color does play a somewhat large part when healing with crystals.
Do below is a list of colors and what they mean. So, if you want a particular kind of healing and really don’t know what crystal to use or purchase, just go by the color!

Doesn’t Mother Nature make it easy for us to use her gifts?

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Red Stones:
Help with blood, relieves anemia, stop bleeding, heal rashes and wounds.
These stunning stones also help with protection, courage, energy levels making you more energetic.

Pink Stones:
They smooth difficulties in relationships, are good for group rituals. Excellent to help us love ourselves such an important thing, for if we do not love ourselves, how can we give love to others. Pink stones are calming, soothing and stops anyone from being in distress.

Orange Stones:
Ideal for personal power and helps build our self esteem. They attract luck and success and assists in positive outcomes because of their connection to the sun. Very powerful stones!

Yellow Stones:
Very healing aids digestion, the nervous system any skin problems and assists the lungs thus aiding breathing and breathing disorders. Great to assist in communication, gives inspiration, protection, and aids visualization. Everyone should have a yellow crystal don’t you think?

Green Stones:
Need more money, then get yourself some green stones plus they also help with good luck, and prosperity on all levels. A good Healing stone for the eyes, the kidneys and the stomach area plus green stones are very grounding and balancing.

Blue Stones:
Awesome stones to use in the bath Blue stones calm the emotions and help sleep issues. Good for wearing if you have any inflammatory disease.

Purple Stones:
Health issues? then wear purple stones, plus place Amethyst stones programmed for good healthy on your bedside table, and cleanse it frequently. Purple stones are also fantastic for headaches and those suffering from mental illness. They also go hand in hand with mysticism, purification, meditation, psychic and subconscious work.

White Stones:
Ruled by the Moon these gorgeous stones help with Sleep issues, promote lactation in nursing mothers, offer protection after dark, help control and even rid of us of headaches.

Black Stones:
Deliciously gorgeous, these stones are given in love to help with self control, and grounding issues. They give us a quiet resilience and power, dispelling anxiety and taking us into a quiet place.

I leave you with a beautiful picture of Aquamarines.  If you wish to obtain like these, just click the photo!

Aquamarine Large

Until Next time,

Love and Light

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