Crystal Healing Cards – Crystal Reading Cards

May 18, 2015

Crystal Oracle Cards (healing cards/reading cards) are another way to work with the energy of crystals everyday.  I use an amazing deck of cards and use them daily, and know they make a difference in my life.

The cards offer us tangible healing, guidance and the utmost wisdom from the Crystal Kingdom and because of this I see them as a powerful transformational tool.

In everyone’s life there are times when it overwhelming and some what challenging and we feel we need assistance.  By working with these cards, you will receive healing, support and guidance as they encourage you to go within and listen and trust your intuition.

Once you really connect with the cards you will find you have a deeper sense of clarity, awareness and understanding of old patterns, behaviours and events in your life, and will greatly assist in your healing self-sabotaging patterns and confusion.

The Crystal Healing Cards/Oracle Cards I use are:-

Love, Light and Healing

Oh and don’t forget for all your Healing Crystals go to:-

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