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Chakra Centers

Chakra Centers

Well hello and welcome, you’ve obviously come to this page because you’re looking for honest reliable information on Chakras and how they can help you in your everyday life.

If that is not the case, then leave now, because I am going to show you how to regain 100% wellness on all your levels – physical, emotional and spiritual.

I believe it is important to understand and work with your Chakras. Doing that will assist in easing your daily stresses. You will enjoy a huge improvement in your overall physical and emotional health, plus if you wish help along your spiritual journey.

I can honestly say when I started working with my chakras I found it amazing to Feel and Experience the Wellbeing in my central nervous system, immune and endocrine systems after balancing the powerful governing chakra.

lapis-lazuli-and-malachite-palm-stone From Crystal Age

I also use Healing Crystals with my Chakra work, plus at times essential oils which only add to my overall wellness and vitality.

I made it so simple and easy by developing a Chakra Chart that not gives details about each Chakra, but also tells you which essential oils go with what Chakra plus what Healing Crystal goes with the Chakra as well.

Imagine waking up each day refreshed, revitalised, energised and 100% fit and well, how much more could you pack into you’re day, how much more of life would you live?

If you have a family, how good would it be to have them wake up each day and experience the same thing – your whole household would be one of joyous serenity each living a very full life.

So what are Chakras?



Chakras are subtle energy centres that are found throughout our bodies, with over 23 in all. However, there are 7 main centres that most self healers (like you) or spiritual healers work with.

Each Chakra affects a different physical organ or system in our body.

To anyone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired and questions often if there is more to life than feeling unwell all the time, I would urge you start working with your Chakras right away.

You may feel sceptical and nervous about this and wonder where to start that is nothing unusual, however, I have made it all so simple for you and highly recommend my Chakra, Crystal and Essential Oil Charts .

These are an awesome must have at hand ready reference that makes your understanding and use so simple and easy.

Just for you I put together a great package in our store that I am sure you will delight in.

It has all of the following

  • Chakra Chart,
  • Healing Crystal Metaphysical Properties Chart,
  • Essential Oils Uses Guide – Covering 43 Essential Oils,
  • Essential Oil The Story –e-Book. POWER PACKED Pages with information on Carrier Oils, Ratio’s for blending, Oil Burner Recipes plus tips on other uses.

You have nothing to lose, the price for this package is under $10 plus you get to pay through PayPal which is very secure, therefore you have a money back guarantee.

It also has another big Plus – you can download it instantly to your computer!!! Yes, you can start TODAY making a difference in your life.

After everything you’ve read, you know this is the right choice. A 100% No Brainer wouldn’t you say if you really mean to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual health and that of your family.

So stop pondering, stop stewing, stop debating.

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I wish you peace,

I wish you healing,

I wish you Love and Light.