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February 10, 2011

Hello everyone,

I sincerely hope that your festive season was full of blessings and that your 2011 will be one of wonderment, joy, light and that you receive the full blessings of the universe.

Over this festive season,  people have commented on the Jewellery I wear, especially my Celtic Crosses.

I have several Celtic Crosses that I wear all a little different and with different crystals in them.

I thought I would do a quick post, on them, and give you a little bit of their history

Celtic Crosses The Celtic cross with its circle is probably one of the most widely recognised of all Celtic symbols, originally large stone crosses, known as a cross-slab emerged across Ireland, Scotland and other Celtic lands from the 9th century. The circle is often described as a halo or an eternity symbol and its four arms for symbolising the four elements, mind, body, soul and heart.

I always feel energised but totally relaxed when I wear any of my Celtic Crosses and have my belief about this, this being, that its four arms not only symbolises the four elements, but draws them to you, and when you wear the cross, you are perfectly balanced, thus allowing you to be energised but relaxed at the same time.

Now, as I said that is my belief.

I get my Jewellery from a very special supplier, as I find they are reliable, 100% trustworthy, plus their designs I find are gob-smacking!

I have added a link for you to click and check them out yourself!

Let me know what you think, by leaving a comment.

Until next time,

Love and Light

Celtic Cross

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