Base Chakra

February 23, 2015

What are Chakras and why are they important? Have you ever just felt as if something was not right with you and unsure why? It could be because your Chakra is not balanced. We rely on our Base Chakra for our everyday actions and body processes and so when our Base Chakra is off, we feel and act off.

Here is some background information on the Base Chakra, which is located at the bottom of our spine, which is why it is our Base Chakra. Muladhara is the Sanskrit name for our Base Chakra and translated, it means “root support,” which is why it is also known as the Root Chakra.

The Base Chakra is not only located at the base of the spine, but it is also the foundation of our entire Chakra system. As with anything, if there is a weak foundation, it will negatively affect everything depending on it. In order to have a strong house, you need a strong foundation.

Think of your body and mind as being one and in order for them to be strong and healthy, you must have a strong foundation, which is your Base Chakra.

This Chakra helps to control and guide some of our basic needs because it is what powers our body. Our vitality and energy comes from our Base Chakra; it is what drives our instincts, our will to thrive and to live. All of the Chakras have a representational color and red is the color for our Base Chakra.

Earth is the element that is associated with our Root Chakra and this makes sense because this Chakra is our connection to the Earth and this connection is what gives us energy and power.

A lot of what makes you unique is stored in your Base Chakra. That is where your inherited beliefs from your family are held, as well as family ties, superstitions, instincts, social order and self-esteem is rooted it; it is also your survival center.

Because it handles so many of our bodily and mental functions, when our Base Chakra is out of balance, it makes us mentally and physically off balance. Specific problems can include our libido, our ability to trust, how secure we feel and how stable we feel. When you feel frazzled, insecure, depressed and stressed, look towards your Base Chakra for the solution.

Problems with sexual function, libido, digestion, blood pressure, inability to focus and anxiety are all caused by an imbalance with the Root Chakra.

So, how do you balance your Chakra if there is an imbalance?

Wear crystals and gemstones that will balance the Root Chakra. Onyx, garnet, black tourmaline, ruby, bloodstone and hematite are best for balancing your Base Chakra.

Rose, cinnamon, rosemary and ylang-ylang are scents that are associated with balancing your
Root Chakra. Combine these scents along with the color red and the crystals and gems listed above to help balance this Chakra so you feel stable and balanced once again.

Movement is also associated with this Chakra. Music will help balance it, get up and get moving. Listen to something with a beat, something that your body will feel and respond to get it moving. Music is powerful and drums are not just heard, they are felt, so let that help you balance your Root Chakra.

Will you know when the above is working to restore balance? Without a doubt! You will be able to feel and tell that your Base Chakra balance is being restored. If you feel off but cannot put your finger on why, then chances are that your Root Chakra is to blame.

I send you love and light

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