Auras is important to Understand What they Are?

July 27, 2011

An aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body and every other living creature in the world.  Even plants and trees have aura’s.

Human auras permeate through the physical body about 2-3 feet.  This effect is called the auric egg.  This energy emits in all directions, including the top of the head and through the feet into the Earth.

There are seven layers, sometimes referred to as Chakras that make up the aura.  Each of the seven layers have their own frequencies and each affect the other.

What this means is if one layer is out of sync it will knock all of them out.  The color of a person’s aura helps the practitioner narrow down what is wrong.  You aura can be affected by your emotions, your way of thinking, your behavior, and your over-all health.

The first of seven layers is called the physical layer.

This governs your physical sensations such as comfort, pleasure, and health.

The second layer is call etheric.

It represents your emotions toward your self-acceptance and self-love.

The vital layer makes up the third layer.  This represents your rational mind and how you understand life.

The astral layer is your relationship with others.  This is where love for family and others comes into play in your aura.

The lower mental layer is what influences one to commit to speaking and following the truth.  It controls your divine will.

The sixth layer is the high mental one and it consists of divine love and spiritual well being.

The last layer is spiritual body.  This aura layer represents your serenity and understanding of the greater universe at large.

All of these layers combine to make your aura.

It is important that your aura be aligned as this promotes good health both mentally and physically.

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