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July 21, 2011

Well hello everyone,

Today I am going to write a little about a subject that I am very interested in.  Clairsentience.

So what is Clairsentience?

Clairsentience sometimes called psychometry is when a sensitive touches or hold an object of another person and is able to sense the energy surrounding that person.  A clairsentient is a person that is able to sense energies and they are very empathetic to those energies.

Clairsentience are able to discern energy through different sensations in their bodies.  For example if they encounter a negative energy they might feel sick.  A positive energy may make them jittery and have the feeling of butterflies in their stomach.  They may also feel lightheaded or peaceful when encountering energies.  It is up to the clairsentient to discern what those feelings mean.  This is accomplished through experience.

Clairsentience can also be used to “feel” spirits and other beings as well.  The feeling may be more than just the hairs on the back of your neck standing up.  It could be you become clammy or nausea when one is around.

Clairsentients feel and sense information in energy fields.  The information is revealed in colors, lightness, darkness or emotions.  Clairsentients can experience a present or future life event.  This is essential for healers or anyone else working with people.

The word clairsentience is from the French clair for clear and sentience for feeling but it originally derived from Latin.  In Latin it is clarus for clear and sentiens means to feel.

Clairsentience is another useful tool for Reiki practitioners to posses it allows them to assess a person just by touching them or an object of that person.  This makes it so the person doesn’t have to convey what is wrong and feel ashamed.

Every person is born with this ability.  What makes someone a clairsentient is the fact they choose to listen to this ability and train it.  Clairsentience is sometimes referred to as gut feeling and we all know usually our gut is right.

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Love and Light

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