June 25, 2009

Crystal Ball

A big hearty welcome to THE CRYSTAL HEALING STORE,

We have many and varied things in the pages attached for you to look at, learn and add to your library and your crystal collection.

So I invite you grab a cuppa, sit back and take your time going through our site. ENJOY!

Love and Light


A beautiful range from Crystal Age where I buy my crystals:-

Healing crystalsHealing stones - healing crystals

Thumb and palm stones


Crystal jewellery - Healing crystals


Crystals for Relaxation

September 1, 2015

Life is stressful. There is no other way to put it. Despite all of our best efforts, we encounter stress at home, school, and work. While you can take steps to reduce the amount of stress in your life, you will still need to find ways to manage the stress that you do have. This […]

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Crystals for Meditation – Using Crystals for Meditation

August 26, 2015

Meditation has long been used to improve both the mental and physical well-being. In addition to helping with mental and physical health, it also helps us ground ourselves spiritually. There is no disputing the benefits of meditation and many people are using daily meditation for a variety of things. Benefits of meditation include: Increased spirituality […]

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Crystals For Self Esteem ~ Improving Self Esteem

August 18, 2015

At one time or another you can suffer from Low Self Esteem and feel your life is very miserable and lacking luster. However, it does not have to be this be this way. Healing Crystals and the Crystal Devas can help. I have made the post into a video for you, so all you have […]

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Crystals for Protection – Protection Stones

August 18, 2015

Today we will talk about how you can use crystals for protection. Now I know you are asking yourself, do I need protection and if so why? Well, all of us at The Crystal Healing Store, feel that everyone needs it. Question: Have you ever felt drained after going shopping, being in a public place, […]

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Crystal Balls – Crystal Ball Reading – Scrying

July 28, 2015

Hi everyone, Here is a great post I wrote in regards to “Scrying” meaning reading a crystal ball.  I have put it into video form, but also underneath there is a written version. ENJOY.  View some must have crystal balls by clicking on the Banner below. Here is the post to read other than in […]

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Crystal Wands – What is a Crystal Wand

June 17, 2015

A wand is an energetic tool which is used to focus intent and subtle energy to bring about change and or healing.  The change and or healing can be in you or in your environment or if you are called to and have been given permission  the healing in others. Throughout history, Wands have been […]

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The Most Beautiful Moonstone

June 6, 2015

The Moonstone Healing Crystals is a beautiful crystal to own.  The colors of Moonstone can range from white to pearly cream. Gentle Moonstone helps with the following – Birthing new projects and your wonderful new creations Brings us in line with the moon and her cycles, and thus the ebb and flow of life Connects […]

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Healing Crystals to Reduce Worry

June 2, 2015

Everyone worries from time to time, however, for some worrying can or has taken over their lives causing much disruption. Here is a list of my favorite crystals that I find can help with worry. AMETHYST Aids in anxiety and stress relief Balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain allowing you to enter […]

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